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Early MPG figures from 2011 owners?


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Has anyone had their new Edge long enough to post some real MPG numbers after a fill up or two?



Hi everybody,


I went to NYC from Montreal last friday....I'm really happy with MPG....made round trip (about 597miles or 961km) with two fuel up. First 13.2 gallons, the second 13.3....if I made the righ calculation it's 22.5miles per gallon (about 10.45l/100km). Four adults with lugage in car...average speed 75miles/hour . Incredible confort and handling....can't say anything wrong with my EDGE 2011 FWD. Just few bugs with the MyFord Touch.....GPS very slow and map outdated, Sirius does't work from Canada to USA (why??) and no way for Canadian to make SYNC work in USA....Ok I understand for Canada market but when I travel to south of the border why on earth can I use the same service I paid for......enyway......


Nice trip



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I only have around 500 miles on the 11 Limited AWD, had filled up twice now. First time was from dealer pumped so did not have good baseline. Couldn't wait to check and so filled up this weekend with only like 110 miles on it. AVG MPG indicator was 20.1, calculated MPG came to 20.4. This is most all short trips around town. Not a ton of stop and go, but alot of up and down hills getting into town.

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