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MKX THX audio

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Saw a preview of the '11 Explorer tonight, pretty sharp, but dissapointed you can no longer play CD's or download to a hard drive. Really considering a MKX, but

do not know if you can play cd's or download to a hard drive, as in my wife's on MKS. I really like the capability of downloading the cd's to the hard drive, I am not

the type to download to memory sticks. Does anyone know if the '11 MKX's have the option of downloading CD's ?,



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The new MyFord Touch/MyLincoln Touch systems to do not have hard drives built in, so you can't store your CDs on in the vehicle. It does have a CD player though, so you can still listen to your CDs


Or MP3s on a CD disc.


I don't understand the objection to ripping cds to a memory stick.


You put the CD in your computer and rip it to a usb memory stick, remove and plug into the vehicle. How is that much harder than using the cd player to rip it to the hard drive?

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