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Ford Edge Liftgate Weight


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On a chilly morning in February, the new chief executive of Ford Motor Co. (F ), Alan R. Mulally, boarded one of the company's Falcon twin-turbo jets and flew to Consumer Reports magazine's automobile testing facility in East Haddam, Conn. He was joined by two senior engineers. Their mission: to spend half a day with the publication's staff getting detailed evaluations of every model made by Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury.


It wasn't a fun trip, according to a source close to the company. At one point, the Consumer Reports team criticized the new Ford Edge crossover SUV for lacking an electric opener triggered by the key fob--or at least a handle on the rear hatch. Both are standard equipment on many of its rivals. A woman on the magazine's staff demonstrated how she, at five feet tall, struggled to open the rear of the SUV as she carried two bags of groceries. Had it been a rainy day, she would have had to set her purchases down on the wet pavement and then muscle up the hatch. Once she'd done that, she'd face another hurdle: She was too short to shut it.



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Im 5ft 1" - I can reach to close the hatch - with EASE....


As for hands full of groceries - thats why they have carts...


Although a power release would be nice - we can manage... good grief.. however did we handle the older days with no power anything

We couldnt have coped in those days, just like AC, cell phones and the like! ;)

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I agree about the lift gate. Even though I am a big guy, I think that is a ridiculous statement. WOW, some of the stupid things people whine about. Like Edgy Girl said, it would be nice to have a power lift gate, but GET A GRIP! it isnt that heavy.


Agreed. My wife and I actually feel comfort in the Edge being built so sturdy. Now a days its just great to not have plastic cars. I love the weight of the doors and the hatch.

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Quite honestly some people just feel the need to whine! My liftgate is not as heavy as my Expeditions was. Opened and closed that one for 8 1/2 years and guess what....I'm still here and maybe my arms aren't as flabby as they may have been if I hadn't owned the truck.


Don't think of it as something to whine about, think of it as another way to workout!! :hysterical:

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The sad truth is, that even though alot of people would not have any issue with, the alleged problems listed by Consumer Reports.

The only way Ford can make a big come back, is to listen to and change things listed as problems, by the American car hating whiners at Consumer Reports. Because most of people that read their rag know even less about cars than those writing it.

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