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Edge Paint, Hood, and Windshield


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Let me start by saying I have loved every second with my Edge...


Onto the pain:


I leased my '11 Edge Limited (Platinum White, baby!) on Thursday 3/31/2011 and not 3 days into my lease, I had an accident. :censored:


Driving to Disneyland with my wife, our 2 YO daughter, wife's friend and her 2 YO daughter as well. Everything was going great, 70-75mph in the fast lane when a Highlander runs over a black metal bracket (~18" long - similar to a turbo heat shield or something) and sends it hurling at my wife in the passenger seat. With a car to my right and a wall to the left, my only option was to slow as much as I could in that instance and take the hit. The ladies were obviously freaked out by the loud smack and I went through about 24 emotions in 5 seconds (ranging from rage to thankfulness).


At first, I only thought it hit the windshield and was fairly relieved and impressed by the windshield strength. BUT.....After getting to Disney, I went out and inspected it to find that it hit the hood first :banghead:


The ding is not too bad, and I feel that it can be fixed since its in an area that is fairly accessible from the backside. Luckily, the paint proved to be strong and resisted chipping or cracking. Overall, I impressed at the strength of the materials used to resist such an impact. Edgieguy jokes that White is the fastest color, but I'm going to say its the strongest too :lol: Here's the carnage (the black lines will buff out since its material from the metal object):





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Being in the Body Shop biz, I can say PDR might not work because of the proximity to the contour line. Hood may need to be painted, or you can buy the air deflector Ford sells for $80 & it would cover the dent.


I put one on mine to deflect the rocks - worked on by Dakota & F-250 - never a chip.

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