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question for those with sunroof


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for those of you with a 2012/11 edge with sunroof do me a huge favor and let me know if your roof looks like this:


The attached pictures are of the upper driver and passenger corners of my windshield. The passenger side is first picture, driver side is second picture. The driver side looks like the "seal" from the windshield doesn't cover it, and the plastic part the goes the length of the vehicle is at a different angle.


Do yours look like this by chance? or is this something i should bring upto the dealer? Thanks!







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Just took a look at mine. It's about the same as yours.


On the passenger side, the windshield weather strip completely covers the leading edge of the plastic molded piece, which runs the length of the roof. On the driver's side, the windshield weather strip covers the bottom half of the leading edge of the plastic piece.


Your driver's side plastic seems to have a bit more downward slope towards the Vista glass, than mine. That piece, along its whole length, will flex if you press down on it. I don't know how it's fastened to the roof.


It's minor inconsistency that I hadn't noticed - so Thanks a Lot!!!


Just kidding.


I don't have any water leaks, or wind noise, so I won't be looking to have anything done.

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thanks guys!

I did go by the dealer. All edges on the lot were like mine or even a little worse. I looked at about 10 of them.

I swung by the body shop and the tech looked at it and said it was normal for them to be a little off as they only attach in one spot and the rest is just friction.


I appreciate the pictures dingo

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You gettin' a new oil cap???


OH,... custom oil cap!!!! I might do that myself :) Trying to figure out how to get a set of the sport rims for mine for a decent price first though.


On a side note, I noticed that the roof panels running the length of my sun roof on either side don't sit flat the day i got it. I haven't taken it in yet to see what is up with that. Now I know I am not alone though.

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