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    Odd smell, new ford edge

    Normal, all the oil,lube and stuff burning off.
  2. I'm kinda leery about putting an HID in a halogen's place, glare and such. Wonder how it'll look if I just use the low side for the HID
  3. Thanks for the reply, here's what I'm having an issue with. I have the Morimoto system left from the '13 Edge. That Edge had the shutter to cut off the high beam (low and high were the same bulb). In this '15 Edge, if I install the HID into the projector, won't I be blinding others, since it's in effect a high beam bulb, without the shutter to make it low beam? Thanks for your replies.
  4. Looks good, did you just use the low beam projector for the HID?
  5. As an addition to the above query. Does anyone know anything about an LED conversion kit? Would I need one bulb per side, or two? (one low and one high) Would it work?
  6. Just got the missus another Edge. I had installed a Morimoto KID kit in her '13. Seems I cannot install this kit into the '15 because the low beams and high beams are different bulbs. The '13 had one bulb with the shutter for low/high beam. Am I correct that this kit cannot be installed? eff me, if so.
  7. Got a letter from Ford saying that the warranty for the SYNC in the Edge was extended to 5 years with unlimited mileage. It also includes any future software updates. Old news to you guys? Still pretty cool.
  8. Trust me, the 55W are what you want. They are definitely brighter than the 35W's
  9. lol My answer exactly. I love people who wont help themselves when given a solution.
  10. I took the bumper off and headlights out. I also ended up trimming about 1/8" of an inch off the biggest tab. Made my life easier.
  11. 9006 is what I ordered.
  12. Your Photobucket link isn't working for me.
  13. Just got off the webchat with Carlos. They're shipping me out a new ballast. He couldn't have been more helpful.