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    Radar detector hardware

    I was going to go that route but I like having the smartcord mute and program options. I have mine mounted just below the steering column which is incredibly accessible.
  2. splork

    Radar detector hardware

    I just wanted to give this thread a bump! I finally got around to installing an escort detector and at first tried tying it to fuse 20 for the radio and found out that this would not work because the detector would never shut off. Fuse 37 did the trick, Thanks!
  3. Cellbine's lights are back up for sale, the lights are awesome but I have a limited and want to stay with HIDs. Please refer to the following post http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/18285-wts-dynamikillu51ons-custom-headlights/ for complete details. If interested,please contact me.
  4. splork

    WTS DynamikiLLu51ons Custom Headlights

    These lights are back up for sale. Please contact me if interested. I guess I should of looked and read a bit closer but I thought these were HIDs... The good news is that the lights are in the USA for much quicker delivery!
  5. splork

    WTS DynamikiLLu51ons Custom Headlights

    PM'd you...
  6. I saw those, issue is that I have a pair of OEM headlights I need to sell/trade first. Otherwise, I would have your set, my own customized set, and a spare OEM set! I do like those though... I wish I had that type of money!
  7. splork

    WTS DynamikiLLu51ons Custom Headlights

    Also, did you find replacement OEM lights? I just posted a set which I used when I had Asad making my custom lights. If not, maybe we could come up with something...
  8. splork

    WTS DynamikiLLu51ons Custom Headlights

    How do these work? Are they controlled with a remote/phone or are they wired to come on with your drls?
  9. I have a pair of headlights from my 2011 ford edge limited which I no longer need because I replaced them with custom ones. These are extremely difficult to find in good condition. They are in great condition, normal wear and tear but there are no scratches to the lens or chrome. I did repair a tab on one of them... These do not come with the HIDs or ballasts, however the passenger side light still has a ballast attached but I am not sure if it works or not. Should fit 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 models. If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me.
  10. splork


  11. Has anyone decided to purchase these? I am looking to replace the ones I had done by whiteis33 and these look rather promising.
  12. I exited my Edge and walked away. Heard what sounded like a few beeps from the alarm but figured it was not my car. Walked back out to try to start the Edge, everything turned on ( AC, Lights, etc ) pressed ignition button and everything turns black and does not start. I am guessing this is an alarm thing? i've tried waiting 10-15 minutes. Tried putting fob in the special slot. Did not try removing negative from battery as I did not have a wrench with me. Any ideas what this may be or how to solve this? I am praying after work that I walk back and the thing starts? Thanks!
  13. I ordered some Iron-X and used it this past weekend. It was the best money ever spent. It quickly removed those spots and other odd imperfections. I would highly recommend this stuff!
  14. Thanks for the great comments and suggestions! The Edge is holding up nicely through the summer. I've had a few issues with the new headlights but we are working through them as they arise. I finally finished all the mods I had left which were unfinished ( lowered the front license plate bracket, removed the iron rail dust, and finished the back black and white Ford Logo ), waxed it up and took a few snapshots of the finished product, at least for awhile! This was an expensive project but honestly, the car looks insane. I couldn't be happier:)
  15. Here are some pictures of the lights and new front end. Amazing what a difference going from all chrome to all black has made. Much happier with the overall look.