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    USB Sync Difficulties

    When I press Aux I get the sync media screen and on it it says sync line in even though I have taken the USB stick out! The only 2 options on that screen are shuffle and info button in which the shuffle button can be changed to on or off but info button doesnt do anything!
  2. fe2102

    USB Sync Difficulties

    Hi akirby, Thanks for responding. Yes I did scroll down with that arrow down button and nothing other than those 4 options I said before.
  3. fe2102

    USB Sync Difficulties

    Shaay when I press Menu I only have these 4 options; Sync-Media Audio Settings Clock Settings Display Settings. There is no option such as Sync Settings!
  4. fe2102

    USB Sync Difficulties

    I checked out that linked but both directions first step says about connectivity of phone? I dont have any phone connected to the sync system so that threw me off and I'm not sure what to do from there!
  5. fe2102

    Tire Recommendations Would Be Much Appreciated

    I wouldnt go with Yokohama, poor quality. And I agree with rwf Michelin tires are good but still dont justify their price tag. Toyo or Bridgestone are my recommendation.
  6. fe2102

    Weird noise! Help!

    Hi Johnny, I got the same car as yours and I also have been noticing that noise! I once showed it to a mechanic and he said the noise is coming from where the exhaust pipe originates. He said its no big deal but if that noise bothers you that much we can replace that section with something more solid. I have decided to leave it for now.
  7. fe2102

    USB Sync Difficulties

    I have no idea how to do that. But why would this happen every once in a while?
  8. fe2102

    USB Sync Difficulties

    Hello Shaay, I hope you read this but I have run into same problem again! After I press the menue button, the option "source" is not there! very strange indeed. In fact even after I take the usp stick out, a message says usb disconnected but still shows sync line in and none of the arrow keys do anything.
  9. fe2102

    2.0 L EcoBoost or 3.5 L v6

    Hi Brian, I think grumzy gave you the best tip on here. I have had mine just over a year now and very pleased. If I had to choose again, I would go with 2.0 EB Yes there is a bit of lag when you want the turbo to kick in but once it does kick in, you'd be surprised with torque power. As for fuel economy, its not a super gas saver but it sure beats 3.5L
  10. fe2102

    USB Sync Difficulties

    Ok I just did what Nick said and after reconnecting the battery I then saw the option "source". I dont remember seeing that before battery disconnection. Anyway Its working now and I'm very happy Thanks guys you're awesome! Specially you Shaay.
  11. fe2102

    USB Sync Difficulties

    Hi Shaay, Thanks for the response. First let me say that mine is only the base model (SE) and I dont recall seeing source after selecting menu. I dont think I have the voice activated sync either but I will try doing what Nick said and let you know. Thanks again.
  12. fe2102

    USB Sync Difficulties

    Hi Gstam, I'm running into similar problem as yours. The usb flash I had in was working for about 2 weeks and then one day its no longer working. I only have like 12 songs on a 2 Gig flash drive and I know its formatted as FAT32. All I see on display is "sync line in" when i insert the usb and thats it. It used to play the song automatically and show the name of song while playing it but not anymore!
  13. fe2102

    Check Engine Light Ecoboost 2.0

    Hi OP, sorry about the problems you are having. I have had mine since March and so far so good. I hear that TPMS problem goes away after a while. Are you still dealing with that problem? I got that TPMS warning light too but thats because I purchased a set of 4 wheels that were on Jeep liberty and installed them on mine. I'm just gonna ignore that warning light until when I put the original Ford wheels back on.
  14. I was noticing 2nd gear was not changing as smoothly as other gears specially during first 5 minutes of driving so I did a tranny flush a month ago. That hard gear changing is now gone!
  15. fe2102

    Owners of 2.0l turbos speak to me.......

    I bought it used with 100,000 K on it so now it has about 105,000 K which is about what? 65,000 miles? but its interesting that you said no need to change it for 150,000 miles. I did not know that. Cheers I took it to a small corner shop and when they couldnt find the dip stick they suggested to take it to a ford dealership and as the mod said they are better equipped. But yes I know I can go to a reputable transmission place. It seems like i wont have to worry about that anytime soon anyway.
  16. fe2102

    Owners of 2.0l turbos speak to me.......

    Yup, same here. Knocking on wood so far so good. Its been 4 months for me and about 4000K. All I have had to do was put gas in it. I would like to change the transmission fluid but looks like there is no dip stick with these cars so I'm forced to take it to Ford dealer and have them do it. They are extremely overpriced!
  17. fe2102

    Capless Fuel Filler

    Thanks guys. Never thought of that. Cheers
  18. Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone is having the same issue as me about capless fuel filler as you cant add any fuel injector cleaner or any other additive to the tank nor can you add gas from a small plastic gas container in case of emergency or in my case I cant add the left over gas I get from my lawnmower to the car. Any thought would be appreciated.
  19. fe2102

    18" OEM Chrome Wheels and used tires FS

    Hi Mat, do you still have the set? I dont know how to send you a private message!
  20. fe2102

    Finally got a Ford Edge

    Congrats on your new purchase. I just bought one too and I am from Ontario as well. I got one with eco boost cause we do a lot of city driving and so far I'm pleased with gas usage. Let us know how you like your Edge.
  21. fe2102

    2012 Edge Owner

    Hi to all the Edge owners. I just bought one as I had wanted to get it for quite sometime now. I finally did it..... Good looking car, I hope its not just a good look.