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  1. Just wanted to say thanks, this is an amazing forum! I've been part of sooo many different forums over the years, and I was so pleasantly surprised to see how passionate Edge enthusiasts are! Lots of good information, advice, and activity. Most of you won't care what I got since it's nothing special. My wife already has an SUV (3 row) to haul around the three young kids, so I found the need for mid-sized SUV not needed nearly as much as I would have liked. My Ford dealer contacted me, and offered to buyout the lease fully as they wanted a used but pristine Edge Sport for their lot. Couldn't really pass it up. Plus through my previous career I still have some close friends at Toyota/Lexus and was able to get a 2018 IS350 AWD F Sport (white on red leather) for an absolute steal! Not everyone's cup of tea, but back in 2008 I bought a 2008 IS350 and loved it so there is some history. I'm only doing a three year lease, so it hopefully aligns with the new major model change for the IS. ANNNNYWAYS, thanks again. Everyone has been very helpful and I wish the forum continued great success!
  2. Burrcold

    Performance vs. other "similar" SUV's

    Haha I know the feeling. I traded in a Subaru BRZ and I tried taking a roundabout at about 30mph and thought I was going to tip over. Almost had to change my shorts as well.
  3. Burrcold

    G2 Edge Sport Wheels And Tires

    Very nice. Best summer tire on the market! Too rich for my blood though.
  4. There's not a ton of activity here compared to Acurazine, so I find clicking on the "new content" button makes it easy enough to see what's up.
  5. Burrcold

    Ford Edge ST Facebook Page

    Then you have to compare a base Edge Sport vs any of those you listed (and it will still be quite bit lower in price). If you want a similarly equipped (to say the 401A) package, those luxury models are $10-20k higher. Again my point wasn't that nobody will cross-shop against the Edge Sport, but remember this is a an enthusiast forum who generally know a lot about cars. The general public, especially someone who is in the market for a luxury vehicle will not even know (or care) that there is a "fast" Ford Edge that could compete on paper and has a lot of content. There is a very similar issue with a more recent vehicle. The Kia Stinger GT...all reviews have said it's amazing and can compete with the luxury brands but is priced much more competitively. Even Kia is targeting it against the Audi A7 sportback and the BWM 440i Grand Coupe. There will be a VERY small group that will see the value proposition but mostly it will be mid-income buyers that are going to look to the Stinger as a bargain-luxury GT. The Kia used car lots are not going to be filled with BMW's and Audi's because everyone is jumping ship. It is "just a Kia" to way to many people still. JD Power rankings or not.
  6. GT350+Whipple = whatever is better than an exorcist lol
  7. Burrcold

    Ford Edge ST Facebook Page

    The Edge Sport is quite a bit cheaper than those that you listed. Especially when you start adding any options to those European models, the pricing is a huge difference. And let's be honest, there's not many buyers who are in the market for a luxury sporty SUV, that are going to cross shop it against the Edge Sport.
  8. Burrcold

    Apps on my Sync 3 system

    You will have to wait v3 of sync 3 before Waze is available. And yes you will have to plug in your phone to use it (through AppLink).
  9. Exactly! It's Roush too so you even get the full warranty. https://www.roushperformance.com/blog/2017/11/roush-performance-ford-unveil-new-2018-superchargers/
  10. Burrcold

    Rear window glass explode on Edge 2016

    I would say it's a design problem. If it were a supplier QC issue, they probably would have issued a recall or TSB already (since they can charge back the entire scrap and rework cost to the supplier). Wouldn't be the first time I've seen that in the automotive industry
  11. Good choice! Nice to get into the current (and last) Grand Cherokee that's still built on the Mercedes ML chassis.
  12. Burrcold


    Agree with akirby, it really depends on the road. I do notice it more now that my winter tires are on (tire is more narrow and a softer compound). It feels so at ease once I get the OEM 21" Pirelli's back on. Barvic, tracking and tramlining are different but exibit the same characteristics (I learned this the hard way spending tons of money on my Subaru BRZ to correct what I thought was it not tracking straight). Floaty feeling and following of the "waves" of the road are a dead give away that it's tramlining...especially when your vehicle seems to drive straight on smaller, flatter roads.
  13. The seats look the same in the 2019 as in the current (although the 2019 ST is supposed to have more side and thigh bolstering - not what you're looking for).
  14. Burrcold

    Considering A New Edge

    Oh I would 110% go for that MKX!! You are getting so much more in content and luxury, and 4k miles is pretty much new!
  15. Burrcold

    2019 Ford Edge ST

    I'm sure he meant the Fusion.