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    PTU drill and tap

    I completed a drill and tap on my PTU in July and yesterday finished my 10k mile service on it. I made a video that discusses some of the things I learned through the process and hopefully it can help someone else on the journey. Fun little project that will extend the life of that critical component.
  2. Decided to make a video that has front end torque specifications in it so the information is easier to find. I find going through back waters in forums and pages a wee bit tedious (and imagine I'm not the only one) so hopefully this video makes it easier to find
  3. Enigma is correct you'll need a 31-33 for the axle nut. It depends on if it's after market or not... they are different sizes so be warned if you bought your Edge used, there could be after market axle nits that came with new driveshafts that came with different outside diameters in the nut than OEM.
  4. Bucknewby

    PTU discontinued by Ford

    Did you put a drain plug in it?
  5. Unfortunately the tone rings are not "welded on" they are just pressed there-it's easy enough to take them off with a hammer and chisel. The problem is nobody manufactures the correct replacement size. The one on the Escape has same amount of teeth and is serviceable but the diameter is 1/4 too small so it won't fit an Edge cv shaft... believe me I tried
  6. Bucknewby

    Shutter and traction control light

    Steering angle positioning sensor. Watch this video and see of the symptoms I describe sound correct.