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fuel sending unit / fuel pump


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For the metal ring, I've just always used a piece of brass round stock. Tapping the ring on those outside notches will get it to free up and spin off. I prefer the brass just because there is no chance of producing a spark which can occur with metal on metal.

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you are right, the picture is different than the actual unit.The part that I ordered fits in ford edge FWD 2007 and it took me maybe 1 hour to replace the unit,

starting with removing fuel pump relay, starting the engine 2-3 times to release the fuel pressure in the system, the procedure to replace fuel sending unit was easy

part, it took me 5-10 minutes, put back seats and ready to go.If someone has to replace the fuel pump it is the same procedure as this one



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Well, it worked for 2 weeks and get back to full again, it is not fuel sending unit I guess, I disconnected wires from the fuel pump and sending unit

( picture 2 on top of the tread ) and still shows full.

I think that some wires have bad connections but where to check this?



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I'm curious about this myself. I was rear ended about 20 months ago. The shop did a great repair job. However, about a month after, my fuel gauge would stick at full or empty intermittently. I put about 3000 miles a week on my 2007 Edge only mostly curvy bumpy roads. On occasion, one of these curves or bumps seems to release to gauge. I can only imaging that the float is damaged or there's a short somewhere. I'm leaning toward short because my tow package electrical hookup blows a fuse everytime I try to plug in a trailer wiring harness. I've been unable to find the short.


I was planning on changing out the sending unit this weekend, but your experience with it not solving your problem gives me pause.

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strange enough my gauge is back to normal. maybe 2 months ago started to work again. In your case could be that unit is stack when you have a lot of gas in the tank.

Mine would start working after half of the tank is empty, but now is ok, don't know for how long.

found this tsb for this issue http://www.revbase.com/BBBMotor/TSb/DownloadPdf?id=140915

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