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Serious gas tank leak

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After 10 months with out my 2007mkx I finally got it back from the dealer. I picked it up 11/25 only to break down on 11/27. I filled up with gas and drove 20 miles and then my car shut down. I turned it back on and drove less than 2 miles. My family exited the vehicle only to a profound smell of gas. Yes a gas leak!!! It leaked worse now than it did with the old tank. Back to the dealer only to find they claim it was an "o" ring. Is this possible? The dealer should of checked this before sending me and my family out in a 3000lb bomb. It's a total disregard of safety on the behalf of the dealer, all their focus was is getting the rental back. They called me twice today and said my car is ready however they can't tell me any type of safety check points to ensure the gas leak is resolved. I insisted they fill the tank, drive it a few miles and then let it sit for a day or two and see if it still leaks. My preference is for them to drive their family around in it just as I did mine when gas started pouring out of my vehicle. It's sad and I'm very disappointed in how this entire ordeal was handled especially by the ford dealer.

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Sorry to hear of the shabby treatment you received, Neci. You can always PM FordService (Tricia) on this forum to give your opinion of the dealership & their response to the situation. Need to have 5 posts tho, you can make "test" ones here:



You'll be glad to know you were not sitting on a 3,000 lb bomb, but distressed that it was actually a 4,500 lb bomb :) Seriously, I would definitely make the dealer drive it around and let their family assume the risk, if they make light of how you feel!


Were the brakes working properly when you got it back? 10 months is a loooong time! May need the fluid flushed & at least the caliper pins/slides serviced to prevent problems with rotors & pads.

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