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2007 edge jerks at low rpm

Chris Hall

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Just bought a used 2007 edge this week.. 83K miles... engine seems to run fine.. no noises, leaks, or obvious issues.. however..


when at low rpm usually around 1100-1500rpm and i apply slight throttle the car will 'miss' or 'jerk' sometimes just once sometimes several times in a row..


its very obvious at 60mph @ approx 1100rpm coasting.. then applying slight throttle (not enough to engage a lower gear or rev up to 2000 or so...) but just easy throttle.. it will jerk several

times until I reach 1800rpm or so then it seems to do this less..


I drove to work with overdrive disengaged this morning..the engine rarely fell below 2000 the whole trip and I didnt notice this problem... on the way home I left the overdrive engaged as

usual and at low rpms it would do this every 10 secs or so... sometimes a single 'jerk' sometimes several...I lose forward movement during those quick jerks.. some of these slips are

somewhat violent especially at 60-65 shaking the car slightly.. definately noticable.


dont know if this is the transmission or electrical...or fuel... having the dealership where I bought it look at it tomorrow.. but it IS NOT under warranty.. I did not notice this at all

during 2 test drives, but dont believe I ever got up to 60mph or so either time... as soon as I drove it home on the highway I noticed it immediately..



any help or comments appreciated,


C Hall


Louisville, KY.



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I wasn't until what year was involved until I did a Google search for 2007 Ford Edge coil problems. It was a problem on some of them that also called for replacement of the PCM. Your misfire/jerk could be related to a bad coil (s) and PCM problem.


Never having owned an Edge with this problem, and just remembering a few posts on here about the problem since I joined a little over a year ago, I would do more searching and see if this is your problem. Here is an excerpt from one of the search results on Google.



This article supersedes TSB 11-8-2 to update the Part List.


Some 2006-2008 Fusion, Milan, 2006 Zephyr, 2007-2008 MKZ, Edge, MKX, and 2008 Taurus, Taurus X and Sable vehicles built on or before 3/1/2008 equipped with a 3.0L or 3.5L engine may exhibit a malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) on with diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) P0351, P0352, P0353, P0354, P0355 and/or P0356 present in the powertrain control module (PCM) with one or more damaged coil-on-plug(s).


  1. Using IDS scan tool, retrieve continuous memory DTCs. Are DTCs P035X present in the PCM?
    1. No - This article does not apply. Refer to the Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis (PC/ED) manual for normal diagnostics.
    2. Yes - Proceed to Step 2.
  2. Remove all ignition coil-on-plugs. Refer to Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 303-07.
  3. Inspect ignition coil-on-plugs for cracks and/or signs of heat related damage. Refer to Figures 1-3 at the end of this procedure for examples of damage. Do any ignition coil-on-plugs show signs of damage?
    1. Yes - Proceed to Step 4.
    2. No - Do not continue with this article. Refer to the PC/ED manual for normal diagnostics.
  4. Replace PCM. Refer to Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 303-14A. Proceed to Step 5.
  5. Replace all six (6) spark plugs and ignition coil-on-plugs. Refer to WSM, Section 303-07.
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Helpful thread for the TSB referenced in ls973800's post.




May help with some pointers to deal with the service folks

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well on the way home tonight (after about a week with no jerks or issues), I noticed a single miss/jerk at 1100rpm again..


fwiw, Im curious about the following;


as stated before, its a used 2007 ford edge 83K miles..


On the way home today I was running the AC/MAX fan fullblast..


Also, the stock radio had been replaced before purchase with an aftermarket system DVD player with the addition of a subwoofer box (2 12' subs) powered by a 120W amplified which is in the cargo area..


I was jamming the radio at the time and the woofers had been thumping pretty good... as well as the AC on max..


could these be any factor in this coil issue.. too much draw on the electrical or something of this sort..


The problem so far isnt as severe as before they replaced the #6coil last weekend.....yet... but it was definately the same miss/jerk I felt..



Thanks again



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Turn your O/D off again and see if it still does it. I think you are describing the same thing I've experienced generally when going under 60 mph; when I turn the O/D off, it never does it. I got to where I would turn the O/D off as I pulled out of the driveway and left it off until I was cruising at speeds in excess of 60 mph. I had over 122k miles on mine.

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youre correct... I did this before I had the coil replaced last week... turning the OD off doesnt allow the rpms down to the 1000-1200 area... and it doesnt do it.. I too got in the habit of turning it off before my trip..


but I dont want to do this every time I drive the vehicle due to using more fuel...


Im really curious if this stereo system is messing with the electrical system.. could it cause overloads of some sort.. or is this coil issue common on ford edges.. I cannot afford to spend money on these issues


especially if they keep reoccurring. Just bought it last week... vehicle is in GREAT shape in and out, only problem is this jerk/miss that seems to have started happening again...


Is there anything I can do at home to reset a module, etc.. surely the coil they replaced last week isnt bad already ??

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I'm a long time removed from custom car stereos, but I remember adding huge capacitors that were supposed to help soften the draw on the system; that might be something to consider. There are more knowledgeable folks on here that might could address that.


Turning O/D off does burn a little more fuel, but my normal commute was getting close to 18 mpg and I'm not light-footed but have backed off some. I liked the way it shifted in that mode as well, which also contributed to fuel consumption.

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Car stereo noob here, but what occurred to me is whether you know how much power the aftermarket system is using. Alternators put out current based on engine speed, and around 1100-1200 rpms, not that much. For example, http://www.sporttruck.com/techarticles/0408st_high_performance_bosch_alternators/photo_22.html


So if you have a high draw system, the power is coming from the battery at these rpms (assuming you have enough coverage at max alterator capacity). So you need a strong battery to cover these needs. How old is the battery in your Edge? I would get the best battery possible if it tests anywhere near low or is of mediocre capacity to begin with. I don't even think about batteries under 800 CCAs, and preferably deep cycle at that.

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after a few days the symptom remains.. as stated before they replaced the #6 coil right after I purchased it due to this engine misfire which was very apparent , sometimes missing 5-20 times in a row..


after the replacement coil it seemed to go away, didnt notice it for several days but Ive noticed it 8-10 times since then, always down at low rpm.. 1100 or so..


I suspected perhaps the aftermarket stereo (450W Kenwood, high quality) amplifier putting too much draw on the electrical system, but the problem has occurred several times without the stereo being on at all.


It only jerks/misses once in a while now, which is much better than before but still very noticable and annoying. I have read replies here about 'flushing' the pcm , and also replies stating the spark plugs were


also replaced when the coils were replaced.. I have bought Toyotas and Mazdas for the past 18 years without ever having even a single problem.. brakes and tires thats it.. My first ford experience so far is


not a good one.. I test drove another 2007 edge the same day on the same dealer lot and did not purchase it because I noticed this EXACT problem, but did not notice it on the one I bought.. but sure enough


same issue.. Now having seen the numerous posts of this exact issue on this and other forums, does not leave a very good impression on ford edges or ford in general.. Dont know where to turn from here but I


simply cannot afford thousands of dollars of repairs for a vehicle I paid a good penny for..

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  • 1 month later...

UPDATE; well its been a couple months 2,000 miles added..


The problem remains at between 1400-1900rpm in high gear... when applying pedal to increase speed slowly.. the engine will misfire.. although not as severe as before #6 coil was replaced..

but it will still do it once or twice until rpms goes above 2000 or so.. If too much pedal is applied , enough to make engine change to lower gear, it will not do this.. It also seems to do this most

noticeably, when traveling up an incline..


For a while I thought this misfiring was limited to a certain speed range.. 45-60 mph when in high gear and applying pedal . . but I have noticed it misfiring at 70-80mph... but always in that 1400-1900 rpm range in high gear..

For a while I was disengaging OverDrive which kept the engine rpms higher most all the time, but noticed when in heavy traffic or slow moving traffic jams if I applied the soft pedal in that rpm range it would misfire as well..


Question; I realize the problem may be the pcm , but without going that far yet, is it possible some of the other coils are fried other than the #6 and by replacing those problem could be resolved ? Can I swap out these

coils myself ? The front side ones seem they would be able to do , the backside ones a little harder to get too.. Does there need to be any flashing or programming done to the computer when replacing these coils afterwards ?

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  • 4 weeks later...

Guys, I wanna add my experience of the same problem.

I live in Saudia where we have 2 type of fuel.

91 Octane & 95 Octane.


I had these kind of jerks/missing while I was using 91 Octane Fuel. then from a friend's recommendation I switched to 95 Octane fuel and the problem was solved.


But since 95 Octane fuel is expansive, I wanted to return to 91 Octane without having the same problem back, what I did is went to agency and ask them to clean the engine with some "flush" system.... (what they do with some pressure machine).


then I returned back to 91 Octane fuel and until now the car is working fine...

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  • 11 months later...

Chris Hall,


I know this is regarding a post that you had a long time ago, but I'm wondering if you solved the problem. I just bought a 2007 Edge and LOVE it, but it is having the SAME exact problems that you have with yours. I couldn't explain it better myself than how you explained it. I have a powertrain warranty that expires in a couple weeks and I want to get this figured out before then.


Thanks in advance! :)

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  • 9 months later...

Just wanted to bring this back from the dead. Has anyone found a resolution to this problem. It's the only thread I can find that describes the problem to a T. For me it's in a 2007 Mkx. The people describing the problem in the TSB sounds a lot worse, more indicative of a total coil failure. I brought the car by a dealer to check the codes a while back and they said the coils were good and to replace the spark plugs which I haven't done yet but am about to. I just don't think it's going to fix it as it seems so specific to that rpm range and load and gear.


Anyone that has found a full resolution would be amazing to share it.

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How many miles on your MKX, Greg? Replacing spark plugs at 60,000+ miles (yes, I know 100K per the manual) esp if mixed city/hwy driving is a great idea. It allows you to check the condition of the PCV valve, COPs, and throttle body in the process.


Did the dealer find any codes or no? If they did, can you list them, or pull them yourself, or have them pulled at an auto parts store? With today's computerized vehicles, that is usually square #1 in the puzzle.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have 90k miles on them. I replaced the spark plugs with the Motorcraft Platinums. While I was in there I replaced the PCV valve and cleaned the throttle body but both of them looked fine. The old plugs looked pretty rough and had more than .0800 gap so I'm betting that was the culprit.

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  • 4 months later...

I have a 2007 Lincoln MKX, 91K miles, with the same issue of missing at low rpm as described in this thread. I tried the higher octane gasoline, and it helped a bit, but still had the issue. Turning off the overdrive to increase the rpm was a temporary solution. I went on Ebay and purchased a tune up kit which included (6) new motorcraft coil packs, spark plugs, and intake manifold gaskets for $199 from a ford dealer online. I also searched online and found the instructions for a 2008, which was the same except the 2007 had an extra connector on the back of the manifold. I started the project at 10AM and I was test driving at noon. I am not a mechanic but have worked on cars most of my life. It has been a month since I did the repair and the car now works perfectly. Note: the gap on the old plugs was .020 wider than recommended.

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Same problem here with 88k on a 2007 Ford Edge. Mechanic is checking for wear on the coils now, hoping they're not fried so I can just replace coils and plugs without having to replace the ECM. Worst case scenario if I do need a new ECM / PCM, I'm going to use Circuit Board Medics to repair my current board. They charge $299 to do this, warranty for 1 year, no flash required after fix: http://circuitboardmedics.com/2007-2010-ford-edge-pcm-ecm-repair/

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