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2013 Ford Edge SEL Mods ... so far


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List of mods done so far:

-HID headlights (5000k/35W)
-Illuminated door sills
-Interior LED's
-License plate LED's
-LED Front door puddle lights
-LED Rear puddle lights
-Lighted front cup holders
-Ambient lighting
-Center console lights
-Replaced all 4 door speakers
-10" Rockford Fosgate self-powered subwoofer
-Rear bumper stainless steel cover
-Stainless rear door trim piece

I owe it all to this forum.

Any future mods suggested?









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Don't waste you time or $$$ replacing any of the sony stereo components, they are as good as it gets for given application. To be more percise, if you replace door speakers, you will need to replace the sub and the processor as well. The system is actually quite good, if you turn the mid down 3 notches, and increase the bass and tweeter 1 notch.

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rwf ... I replaced my factory speakers with Kenwood 6X8 2-way speakers for budgetary reasons. I also didn't want to replace them with anything special until I was ready to add an amp for them also. Right now, they are just running off the head unit. Sounds better, but not a huge difference without the aftermarket amp. My stereo was not the Sony system, though. It was the base sound system. I would not replace the Sony components either for the $$$.

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OEM. Didn't like the look of the stick on sills. Very easy install. Just find the grey/purple wire bundled in the driver's foot well by the fuse box for power. Ground to screw going through firewall. While I had the sills off I did the rear puddle lights. Both installs combined took me less than two hours.

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Dominatron - I just used a strip of 3 blue leds you can purchase at any Auto Zone. Pulled the silver trim pieces on each side of the center console, unscrewed the shifter cover and tapped into the wire for the shifter selector light and drilled holes through each cupholder and stuck the lights to the inside of the cupholder. Make sure that when you place the lights in the cupholders you put them at about 7:00 position so they don't shine in your eyes at night. Hour job at most. Cost about $20 total.

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Recently purchased a Homelink garage door remote from eBay and installed it in the driver's side visor. Just be careful opening up the visor cover. Start at the center end of the visor and you only have to peel back about 1/3 of the visor cover. Tap into the visor light wiring, program it to your opener and done. About $30 total for a visor Ford is charging more than $300 for. Can't tell it's not factory.



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Looks good. I have a '13 SEL as well. I haven't done anything aside from a black tailgate strip and roof rack/cross bars.


My wish list includes:


- tinted front windows.

- chrome strip on bottom of windows -- comes standard on Limited.

- chrome liftgate logo strip - also standard on Limited.

- Deezee running boards.

- LED driving lights

- HID headlights


I might get around to doing them at some point. I'm in no hurry.

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Snake456 can you please tell me what wire or fuse did you tap into for the LED strip lights? We added some to the front and rear flooring but currently is lighted by the cigarette plug that came with the LED kit. We would like them to be hard wired. Even better would be for them to come on when the head lights come on like they do from the ambient lighting when you get this from factory

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In the driver's foot well unwrap the wire bundle and there is a grey wire with a purple stripe on it. This wire turns the led lights on when you open the doors and when you turn the interior lights on using the dash switch. This wire is the dome supervision wire and the lights work right along with the dome lights.

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