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Temp change while in Home screen

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Just recently test drove 2015 Edge Titanium with 302A package.


Weird thing - unless MFT is in Climate screen, pressing physical temp buttons doesn't seem to do any effect.

All vehicles I drove that have AC information screen do display some kind of overlay when any AC/defogger settings change.


Is it always like that on MFT?

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That doesn't sound normal. It should display the temp setting on the bottom of the display regardless of which mode you're in and you should be able to change them. Are you in Auto mode when this happens? Pics or video?

I second that.....mine behaves exactly like akirby has described.

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Like what akirby stated, the climate indications would be on the left lower corner (the blue bar), only the temperature settings & heated/cooled seats show up on a permanent basis (if they are on), the fan speed indication would show for a few seconds if it was changed. There is no overlay that popups.


If you are on the home screen, the blue bar would only show "Climate" & settings would be visible on the screen quarter above it (lower left quarter). Again, no overlays or popups on changes.

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