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Test drove a 2015 Sport and have questions


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I've driven three 2015 Edges. A Titanium AWD for about 30 miles; an SEL FWD for 2,000 miles and a Sport AWD for 30 miles. The Titanium and the Sport both had an issue with the steering wheel vibrating at speed. From about 55-75mph (as high as I went), the steering wheel would tremble. If you let go of it and looked, you could see it shaking. Normally, I would think that's a tire balance issue, but I find it odd it happened on both. This isn't flat spotted tires, either. When we pulled off the lot, it was shaking like crazy from that issue. Within 3-4 miles, that went away - could feel it in the front and the back on both cars as we pulled off the lot. Now, the SEL FWD did not shake hardly at all. Only one time did I detect a slight bit of vibration, but that could have been the road, honestly.


Has anyone else noticed this? I.e., get the car on smooth road and at about 55-60mph, let go of the steering wheel. Does is shimmy/dance side-to-side?


I was dead set on buying a 2015 Sport, but won't tolerate a shimmying steering wheel. I've had horrible experiences with this on other vehicles and don't want to spend $47k to have it happen again.

The vehicle itself is a beast. Even with AWD, it pulls hard. Also, the sound it makes is very athletic - sounds almost like it has a Cold Air Intake, but it doesn't. Very throaty and it pulls hard. Not what I expected, to be honest.


Look forward to your thoughts on the above - especially if you have one and can go test it out and report back.



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My 2015 sport with 1000 miles on it is smooth. Only time it vibrates is from the lane keeping warning system when I get close to the line which i Like but had to turn the vibration down to low because high felt like a EARTHQUAKE!!. It can also be turned off. That's what it sounds like you are describing to me. My 2015 Edge sport is actually the smoothest solid ride ive ever owned. I love it. Before taking delivery on mine i test drove a SEL and a different Sport and neither of them had the issue you describe either unless i was crossing the lines on the road of course :)

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It is most definitely NOT the lane keeping system. I "tried" that out on the road and the steering wheel, combined with the vibration I am referring to made a very noticeable shake. This has nothing to do with the lane keeping system.


I guess the only thing for me to do is buy one but not take delivery until I've had a chance to drive it. If it shakes, refuse to take delivery.



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I would suspect that the dealer may have switched tires. Did you happen to notice what brand, series tires were on the cars?

Tire manufacturers prescan all their tires and pick out the best of the best for the auto makers (better in balance means less weights needed and lower costs to Ford). The tires are then perfectly balanced and you will never notice an off balance condition in a new car. Dealers can, and DO, switch parts from car to car.

BTW, you are looking at the Sport, have you considered the MKX? a fully equipped Sport actually runs around what you could get a MKX for.

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