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Slight steering wheel shake after new tires installed


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I will give you a very honest opinion and I buy a lot of tires. Remember it is my opinion. You bought crap tires. You get what you pay for. If you want a better smoother tire get a set of Alenza or the Bridge stone dueler Alenza ecopias. They are smooth quiet and pretty decent in the snow for a MS rated tire. You however will pay 150 each for them or a little more. Not counting install and balancing.

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Take them back. I had a set of tires installed & had problems with them. They tried balancing them two more times and finally concluded that they were molded wrong (out of round).

Finally had them put on a different brand (better quality), they gave me full credit for the old ones (of course), and new ones worked fine. I agree with macbwt, est. with moving to the Bridgestone's.

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I know I just had a cut tire and bought a yokohama YK580 just to get me home and down the road until I buy the new snow tires. Next spring I will buy the Bridgstones. Most likely keep the yoko for a spare tire just to hang around for an emergency replacement. Most likely not much better than the hancooks I have on it.

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