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Touch up paint for 21" wheels


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New member....


Whelp, wife had her new 2015 Tuxedo Black Edge Sport fully loaded with 21" wheels all of 5 days before curbing a rim. :rant2:


Thankfully it's not huge, but as we took delivery we had a nice conversation with her about turn radii, tire profiles, and expensive wheels.


5 days.


Any recommendations for touch up paint? (representative picture below)





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Hmmm. The brochure isn't very helpful, it only says 21" Premium Tarnished Dark-Painted Aluminum. Duplicolor should have some good matches though, likely have to clearcoat after.


EDIT: A body shop or the dealer should have access to the paint codes for wheels. An example of codes for the F150:



Maybe this link will help, see if any of the codes match:


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One of the drawbacks of these 21" wheels are the price, if you wanted to replace one. I had the misfortune of hiting a curb as I turned into a parking lot in California, hard enough to pop the tire. The tire took the brunt of the hit, but it also did some serious curb rash.

Long story short, after pricing these rims at Ford I found them to be very expensive to replace. At the tune or $1128.98 MSRP each! Anyway new, not remanufactured, rims will set you back north of $700 each.

From what I have found, these rims were painted either hyper gray or gunmetal gray. If you want to keep the original rims which came with the vehicle, then there are wheel remanufacturers that supposedly guarantee their work to match the color of the other three. They weld, CNC and then powder coat them before going to the oven. This service can be anywhere between $150 to $175. A very small price to pay for keeping the matched set which came with the vehicle.

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Ha ha ha @TuxedoBoost, 5 days huh? Well I have you beat! Mine was the 2nd. day as the

wife experienced the "Lane Correction Shake" of the steering wheel and ran STRAIGHT into the curb.

2 tires were shredded and the rims were bent to hell. I took the wheels to a repair shop and one can't 

tell there was a problem.

Find a pro wheel shop as they have the right stuff.


GL 73

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