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Delivery Delay of my 2015 Edge Titanium

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I ordered my car on August 31st and it still have not arrived. The dealer finally told me yesterday that it and 44 other cars are on Quality hold. Anyone else? Any ideas?


I am really screwed as we have sold our car and have to turn it over next week. I have a business trip planned for first week of December and need the car.



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Did the dealer give a "firmer" delivery date? You can explain your case to the dealer & see if they will put you into a rental. If they don't, you can try Ford directly via FordService on here. But, TBH, delivery dates are not fixed, they are the best ETA they have. So you will likely get pushback on this.


Try a longterm rental, it might be cheaper?

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This happened to me when I ordered a 2015 Sport back in April. My car was built at the beginning of July, but was on "factory hold" for another 5 weeks before I pulled the plug and cancelled the order. I had no problem getting my deposit back from the dealer, as they were as disgusted with Ford corporate as I was. I could never get any information from Ford corporate regarding the nature of the issue with my vehicle or even a rough estimate of when it would be released from the factory. My dealer could not get any information either. It was a complete fiasco.


Bottom line is that you could be waiting forever for a vehicle that has been Frankenstein-ed at the factory. Cancel that order and get something from dealer stock somewhere that has a post-leak build date.

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I reserved mine (it was already Dealer ordered) in early May with a two week delivery. Did not get it till August. Same deal "some quality control issue" with a Pillar leak. Called , emailed, checked the Ford site with the VIN and nobody give even tell me where it was. I then got the heads up that it was on the "truck" , but coudn't locate the truck since they are independant I told the woman, "how stupid, the driver must have a cell phone, the guy who loaded the truck must know who the driver is" . Anyway, to no avail.


Follow up, the driver door sounded like opening a crypt and after calling they suggested I get graphite grease to put on the "plastic door stop/arm. (when did they go to plastic?) .


Then I noticed that a 4" by 4" plastic modual with wires is on the floor under both front seats, afte fiddling around, I snapped them into place where they belong, whats up with that quality control?

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Similar situation.


Ordered 2105 Edge on August 14th. Was given 4-6 weeks ETA by the dealer that day. Made a huge mistake by selling my old car thinking that new one is coming in few weeks. But 4 weeks passed and I received new ETA , 8 to 9 weeks, by the dealership. Called Ford Customer support 3 times, was told that ETA could be up to 10, then 12 and 16 weeks. At 10th week dealership's system showed ETA between Nov 3 and Nov 9. Nov 9th passed and no updates. Dealership does not where my order is. Called Ford yesterday and could not get a clear answer where the car is. They think its still in the factory and i need to relax and wait. The rep also told me that I can escalate my inquiry only after 30 days passed since last known ETA , which in my case would be Dec 9th.


Very strange situation. I understand this is complex manufacturing process and there could be delays, I accept this. But Ford must be transparent with their customers.


I have no choice but to try to get deposit back from the dealership and look somewhere else for the new car.

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