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15 Ford Edge Sport Honest Issues (July Build)

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So I know not all things are made perfectly and here's a few things I have found wrong with my Edge so far. Figured I'd start documenting it all and then start some trips to the dealership. Not in pics are 2 spots where the paint has runs that I found after waxing or the condensation on all 3 parts of the rear tail lights.

Bottom Trim


Middle Pillar Trim coming up at top


Middle Window Trim doesn't seem to want to sit flush at the top corner


Bottom Trim


Odd bubble on hose


By far the worse piece.


It's warped


Doesn't sit flush with the rest either


Same on this side but not as bad


This piece does the same as the other side, makes me think it's supposed to be this way, but the rubber has a lip that it looks like the trim is supposed to sit in and it's slid underneath the plastic pillar piece.


This is crazy, only my passenger door is flawless with these bottom trim pieces.


Again, the other door.


Pillar trim coming off at the top corner.


Different View.


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Nice observations. ...I'm gonna take a closer look on my 2015 sport.


.....just took a really close look at all the key areas you documented. .....and mine is flawless. ...not one area has any lifting or deviation...I would seriously be talking to your dealer about these issues.


My edge has a build date of July 14, 2015....as per Vin. ....this is my second edge sport....the first one built in march had massive leaks...and ford gave us this one to replace the first one.

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Nice job with the pics and all. I will also take a closer look. I have a build date of Feb. I have other fit issues that I need to get addressed. I'll try and get some pics. I have another thread I created somewhere.


My issues:

  • The carpet on the passenger side front does not fit tight and blocks the floor lights because it is pulled away from the side.
  • Both rear small window molding look warped
  • My headliner on the driver side does not fit within the rubber molding and slightly hangs

My issues is that will the dealer be able to replace these items without making more issues or rattles?

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