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2013 Ford Edge SEL Eco Boost Mod Ideas

Tyler Bailey

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The biggest bottleneck in airflow tends to be in the downpipes because the bends are "awkward" rather than smooth. Once those are addressed, addressing the air intake and catback makes sense. Also remember that nowadays, the stock intake/catback already flows quite well, so you have to be after major gains in hp/tq OR better looks to merit new equipment there.

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Best bag for your buck is tune followed by meth injection. I have it on all my ecoboost. It adresss many of the same issues all at once.

Removes the need for catch can because fuel over the valves will keep them clean

Cools the iats so not as much need for a larger intercooler. None of mine sport bigger coolers and Im even big turbo on my rs.

Give you a very nice power boost from the added octane and cooler temps.

These systems work well cause you are able to run regular fuel all the time and you only spray meth when you hit a pre set boost level. On my car its low because Im looking for power all the time, in my truck it set higher so only when Im wide open is it spraying. Hence I can go a very long time on one tank of meth.

Tune will run about $600 with handheld unit and the meth setup will be between $800 and $1500 installed. Depends on the system. I run alky so I can run straight meth vs water and meth.

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This is second hand information from being around and listening to people who know engines. Of the Eco Boosts the 2.0 is the one to have. It's a "sweet spot" engine and torque machine over a wide RPM range making it a popular engine rally and autocross racing. In fact it's so popular that it costs more than a standard 5.0 Coyote as a crate engine from Ford Performance. It doesn't cost more because it costs more to make. It costs more because people who want it are willing to pay more for it.


That said there is a glaring reality about the engine that shouldn't be overlooked. It was originally designed for the Focus. The Focus weighs 1,200 lbs. less than an Edge. That's a lot of extra weight put on the engine so with a daily driver, family car Edge you are never going to see the performance potential of the engine without turning your car in to something completely different than it is now.


"Manly" can mean different things to different people but IMO what you need to do for "Manly" with your Edge has nothing to do with the engine. You need to turn your Edge in to a car that can use the engine potential which would begin with shedding weight. If you do that then you have to next look at alterations to the suspension. It wasn't designed around a car that's substantially lighter. Unfortunately this also means you have to approached this with a well thought out plan and you can't do it in progressive steps. The new suspension you put on the car will be designed around how far you go with the car and the new static Center of Mass, CoM, relationship to the active Center of Gravity, CoG, changes to the suspension. It's not feasible to alter the suspension to match each progressive step you make with shedding weight. It's not that it can't be done but it's a lot of extra work and cost for temporary modifications. You'd be better off starting from scratch with a car that "as built" is closer to what you're after.


All that said, the engine is capable of massive amounts of more HP. But, considering the engine already operates at 16 lbs. of boost, your family is going to hate you and the car if you pursued the potential. It's also one thing to know what it takes to drive a high reving engine and actually being able to do it.


Again it's just my opinion but the Edge is a great car but it is what it is and that's what it was designed and built to be. If you want a "manly" performance car, build one starting with your vision of what one is. Regardless of how long it takes I guarantee when done you'll enjoy a lot more. I don't begrudge what anyone does with their car but I hear this a lot, "I wish I had . . . ."

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