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New build, 2015 Sport, stealth JL 12, Components and some ?'s

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New here but love the new edge sport I "got for my wife". I finally heard her say "It just doesn't sound as good as your truck" and I knew it was a go. Even though I have the Sony Premium sound, it just doesn't cut it. I planned a build using the left wet storage container as a mold for a shallow mount 12 and here it is.

I will be installing:

Alpine PDX-V9 (4x100 + 500x1 @ 2ohm)

JL TW3 12" shallow mount

Custom "First attempt ever at fiberglass/what the hell am I doing" box

JL C2-650 6.5" component set for front doors

LC7i 6 channel Line Output Converter

As much sound deadener as I can cram in there, sounded like a tin can when I hooked up an external amp.


The plan



And so it begins



My first attempt at fiberglass and I can tell you, use one set of clothes that stays outside, use solo cups, and it sucks but is worth it.



Test fit, added a "structural support curvature" to the long section. Will have to fix that.



That will do



Have since fixed my nasty seam, a little better.



With the deck on



"under the hood" Plenty of clearance.Will probably end up putting a grill on it, but deck is very rigid, will add support in the middle near the spare also. Spacers are rubber stoppers epoxied together with a screw through it into the plastic frame.








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And so now for the questions and concerns I have.


1. I upgraded to the LC7i 6 channel because I was going to tap into the front and rear door outputs. But the more I look into the "Sony Premium" wiring it looks like the fronts have a separate line for the in door tweeter instead of tapping into the 6x8 using caps as cutoffs. I can only assume this means the 6x8 is getting Mid range Hz's and the tweeter is getting the highs, all the way from DSP. If that is the case, I don't want to tap into a limited frequency range for my pre amp wiring. Where is the DSP located? I have the actual 2015 edge wiring manual on the way, as I couldn't find a solid source for this year. I will be sure to share any info I come up with on this trip.


2. If I end up only taping into the rear doors (assuming they have a full range feed, suspect they have separate tweeters as well, hopefully piggybacked off mid), should I downgrade from the LC7i since I will lose any fading ability anyway?


3. How are you guys dealing with vibrations added by more power? I hooked up my box to my truck amp and was amazed at how much vibration I had coming from a $40K vehicle. The doors seem to be holding up to a lot right now so hopefully they wont be a problem, but that tail end all the way up to the mirror and dash vibrate like crazy. Going to have to get creative. I had even tried putting the sub on the deck, thinking I had made a horrible mistake by building the box onto the body, but "luckily" it was the same in a standard location.


4. Any suggestions on rear door speakers? Never seem to be a priority with me, as stock speakers sound pretty good amped up usually.


5. Tips and tricks? Hidden screws that will ruin my day when trying to take a panel off? How to stop your wife from killing you when she sees her interior ripped out? Number for a good attorney? Any thing good like that!


It will be an adventure, I will try to take pics and document progress. All gear is on its way, should start this weekend.

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Currently waiting for more info on the 2015 interior trim removal before getting started on this. Just don't want to foul up any of my interior! But for anyone wanting to know, here is the wiring scheamatic for the 2015 Edge with Sony Premium sound. Happy to see I won't even be working behind the dash, seeing as the DPS is in the rear quarter panel driver side.






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Thanks! Definitely a learning experience. I see what custom boxes are expensive lol. Thinking I may just dive into getting to the DSP and door panels to test what the crossover points are heading to the front mids and tweets. I am assuming I can just use a voltmeter to test when signal heads out. Then I will see if I need to sum my channels in the LC7i.


Curious if I can tap into one of the DVC feeds for the factory sub and still use it? Can you run a LOC with the speaker still hooked up?

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I am sure it will vibrate but not rattle. Using rubber spacers helps. I plan on putting a rear mat down so that will help also. There is plenty of room to vent the output without causing pressure build up. More concerned about sound deadening the back hatch, and other rattley bits in there. I'll update if I finish it up and it sounds like ass.

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I have 2 12's downfiring in my f-150 about 1/2" off the floor. Subs don't care as long as they can move the air on the outside, nondirectional, and a grill through my floor would define the "hidden" idea. There is plenty of free air to move around under the seats and the floor, it also has about an inch of gap on the edges of the where I added the spacers. If I run into any issues I will be sure to update.


Still trying to figure out if I should tap into the full range feed prior to the DSP or sum the signals after the DSP. I have read that on some systems the pre amp is flat levels without volume control.

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looks great happyhour...assuming you have everything figured out ..i know this thread has been up for a while.if not u must get your signal after the factory amp for your sub..and your lc6 will take that signal from the rear or wherever and that is a full range signal but you are going to lose your control on the factory head unit. i lirerally changed everything exept my head unit.i just dont want to spend all the money to get new head unit and keep my sync and nav.the lc7 has done a decent job of recovering my signal when volume is up. i modified that factory enclosure and honestly ....it sound pretty awesome..wish u could hear it,u would honestly be surprised. but regaurdless i am building fiberglass enclosure as we speak..pulled the form out last night and got a second layer of fiber on . ill post pics when its done. anyway system is looking good!! is that other tray on the right side metal?? looks like diamond metal

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I actually just wrapped up my install this weekend. Ended up pulling high levels from Front Tweeter, Front Mid, and Rear Sub signal from after the amp. Had to do mids or Sync and phone only went through the tweeters. Factory sub is still hooked up, to put load on factory amp. I had to dial my LC7i gains WAY down to stop a hiss at no volume. That may be normal.


I am honestly blown away with how good it sounds. Best sounding that I have installed! lol Not nearly as much vibrations as I had feared. Keeping factory rear door components until I find another set of JL's on sale. I can't believe how low and loud this shallow JL gets. Will post a few more pics with some how to's for the '15 guys, but here it is now. Side tray is just foam, thankfully!





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Finished a write up on the install in another link for the 2015 Edge, seing how everything is different now! Here is a link with the complete build if wanted.



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