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Liftgate open: Can I turn off the Liftgate light while gate stays open?

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i'm reading between the lines here and am thinking that what you want to do is leave the hatch open when you park the car and you don't want your battery to be drained. is that it?


if so, i think that all the lights turn off after 10 minutes or so (15?). Perhaps others here can confirm. Or you can leave it open and go back in 20 minutes to check.

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In lieu of yanking the bulb or snipping the wire, I think it would be easy enough to install an in-line switch (perhaps even lighted) next to the interior light recess mount. That way you could turn it off when you wanted to raise and lower the hatch without the light coming on, and when you want the light to come on, turn the switch on and it will when the hatch opens and raises. I only mention a lighted switch so that if you raise the hatch in the dark you can find the switch and turn on the light if you so choose. The surface mounting is just plastic so carving out a small area for a surface mounted 2 position switch should be fairly easy. Secure it with some epoxy and you'd be good to go. You could even mount it closer to the hatch opening (instead of near the light itself) so that if you wanted the light to come on with the hatch already open you wouldn't have to reach very far. (Heck, as I'm thinking through this, this might be a mod I'd consider doing just because it would be kinda' cool just to have the option!)

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If you are into modding with ForScan, you can enable "Silent Mode" (sometimes call Dark mode or police mode). In the 2015+ Edge, you can enable a menu in the vehicle settings in the cluster for it. When enabled, all lights will turn off when a door is open with Engine off.

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