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Auto shutdown after 30 minute idle

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Strange feature i didn't know existed, leading me to another question. After installing a 160* thermostat, I started the car to let it get up to temperature and burp the system. after 30 minutes of idle, it automatically shut the car off. No, I did not use the remote start feature, as I know that does have a limit (which you can change)


Which leads me to this. I remember reading somewhere that if I wanted to update sync via a thumb drive it would have to be done while the vehicle was running. If this takes more than 30 minutes to install, will it still shut itself down? or is something programmed with the update to bypass the auto-shutdown while uploading?


Me personally, I planned to start the update then drive to work, so I won't run into this issue, but some others might.

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Boredom, is a pretty good ADHD reason.


But I wasn't about to sit in the driver seat, with the heat on, in 86 degree weather, to burp the coolant. So at the point the vehicle shut down, I was between checking tire pressure and underneath for leaks. Never knew a warning even existed to avoid such a shut down.

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True enough. But I can't think of any reason to leave a car idling for a half-hour or more and be away from the car.

I’ve left mine running in the driveway for over 45 minutes to do a sync update on MFT. I’m certainly not going to sit in it for that long just waiting.

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