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Dead Battery - Power Liftgate - Jumper Cables - It's a Pickle I tell ya!

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So the battery on my 2009 Limited died. It was only 3 years old, but not a terribly expensive one. I live in the mitten state and I usually expect to get 4+ years out of one. Anyhow, my vehicle also has the power liftgate feature.


(On a side note, it is funny how these batteries fail. I made a short trip to a grocery store and was only inside for 4 minutes. Tried to start it and nothing. No crank, nothing. I could hear clicking on the inside like internal dash blend doors were opening and closing or relays were clinking - even without the key in.)


No problem, I have jumper cables in the back under the floor. I go to the back of the vehicle and push the button on the power liftgate - nothing. Hmmm. So I open the doors to the back seat and fold the rear seat backs down. But if I climb back there I can't get to the jumper cables because I would be sitting on the floor. Hmmm. So I ended up lifting the entire back floor assembly up by the part that leans up against the back of the back seats when the seats are up (that part is also connected to the floor). This lifted the floor up so I could get to the cables.


I thought there must be a different way. I checked the owners manual and it says there is an access panel that can be removed to open the liftgate from the inside. I raised mine and looked. Sure enough, right in the middle of it on the inside is a small panel that can pretty easly be removed.


To end the story, a new battery resolved all issues. After I got it jumped I drove it home so I could work in my garage and do a good job. When I parked it I tested the voltage on the battery and got about 12.6 volts. Hmmm, that sounds about right. I tried to start it, dead. I then measured the voltage, it was about 8.x volts.


I hope you all get a charge out of reading this! At least spark some ideas! (ok, last one....)


At least give you the power to work on yours (last one, honest...)


As you can tell, I am a DieHard Edge fan (gimme the hook - Please!!!)

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It's the short trips that kills a modern battery. Good to take it out every once-in-a-while and run.


In a modern power-hungry car like the Edge or MKX, voltage is no real measure of a batterys state. You must measure it's CCA capacity. Most here (including myself) use a Solar BA-7 battery tester. (Thus model also tests the charging system).



If your unable to take a long(er) trip every now and then (to get the battety back up to full charge), you can use a modern rejuvenatin charger to bring the battety back. This is what use:


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If you can hook up your ride to a charger on the weekend, a lo-amp charger will work great, tho it will take time. I used the 3A Battery Tender to infuse life back into the battery in our Fusion (a really odd size battery), and it worked perfectly.

I do this on my cx7. My battery was replaced when i bought it & it lasted nearly 8 years. Only reason I replaced it was because sitting in my driveway working on my tune & listening to the radio for about 20 minutes killed it.


The work truck usually last about 3 years & has 2 agm batteries (for an inverter). This is a 2012 & i'm on the 3rd set of batteries.

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A couple comments. I use my Edge in mixed driving. I had just come back last week from a 250 mile highway trip.


I bought this Edge used (1 year old with 62,000 miles on it - a highway star). Checking the records the original owner had the battery replaced due to corrosion on the terminals. Well, the new replacement battery was corroding as well. I coated it with terminal grease and but those felt tabs under the posts. It still corroded. I replaced it after about 4 years and it did the same with the replacement battery. It corroded as well. I am of the opinion that the battery location in the Edge on my 09 is particularly hard on batteries.


My mother-in-laws 08 MKX has the same issue. She bought it used and someone had already replaced a smaller cable to the battery. I received a call from her a few months back and her's would not start. Looked at it, the replacement cable had corroded away. Looking at the other connections, they all needed to be replaced.


I have a friend that had a 2008 Chrysler 300C. Ran a quick errand with him and tried to start it - dead. Acted just like my Edge. Looked at his battery and it was the original one and was 7.5 years old. The battery was in the trunk. Away from heat and looked brand new.


My wife's 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee's battery has the battery under the passenger seat (move the power seat all the way forward and up and you can access it via a removable panel). I know, I know, it should be replaced now.....


Many of you have seen maps like this, but here is a map that shows generally how long our batteries should last. Confirming that heat is the biggest killer:



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Have an 09 MKX, never had any appreciable corrosion on battery terminals.


It's my understanding that corrosion is cause by hydrogen gas being released from the sulfuric acid in the battery. The gas reacts with the outside air produces the corrosion. Damp air and salty air will accelerate the process. It's also advised to wipe the top of the battery from time to time as the thin film of acid water causes a leakage to develop between the two posts. (Why the developed the side terminal).

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