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Instrument Panel Storage Box

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So when I was researching the Edge online I saw that there was a storage box to the left of the steering wheel. Now that I've got it home I see that they must have stopped including it in Canadian models for 2018. Looking on-line it looks like the part I need to order is FK7Z-5813546-AB that runs about $130.


My question is, will this part just drop into the hole where the filler panel is or do I need to order additional parts? Th only picture I've found online isn't very clear so I'm hoping that someone can take a few pictures and post them for me. Thanks in advance.


Here's what I've got


IMG 3255 copy

IMG 3256 copy

IMG 3258 copy

and I found this one online but i can't see how its mounted

Screen Shot 2018 05 21 At 10.29.41 AM



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i just had a look at mine and although I can't easily get it out, my guess is that it pops into those same four slots that the panel you took out pops into.


this is such an over engineered piece though. there are so many components and the inside of the drawer is flocked it has a track and gear for the opening/closing and the handle has a latch. way too complex for a thing that i've never used.


finally, this drawer is quite small inside and i've never put anything in there because of that. i would have a look at one in a used edge before i shelled out 130 bucks on it.

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Here's a picture of my '16 Sport dash that I took with the drawer assembly removed for documenting the hard-wiring instructions for my dash cam, it appears to be the same snap fit pattern. Although its hard to imagine paying $130 for this little drawer, it does appear that it will just snap right in place of the dummy panel. I remember the entire drawer assembly pulled out fairly easy. I use it to hold an Altoids box with parking meter change, perfect for that. Judging by comparing both pics, it will fit for sure. Maybe try calling around to some salvage yards, could pick one up for way less than $130.


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