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Memory seat loses setting!

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As akirby stated, the correct procedure is:

1 Turn the ignition to the ON position.
2 Press the seat control switch horizontal button forward until the seat track stops.
3 Keep the horizontal button pressed forward for one second after the seat track reaches its forward end of travel. The horizontal forward soft stop has been set, release the switch button.
4 Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for all seat track axis in both directions
During the setting procedure, if the seat track stops before the end of travel has been reached, the DSM has stopped at a previously set soft stop. To set the new soft stop, release the seat control switch and press again in the same direction until the seat track stops.
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Is has been working, intermittently, for a few days.

I noticed a grinding noise when I move the seat up or down and sometimes it seems to be stuck. When I wiggle a bit, it start moving again.

I'm wondering if I could take that seat out and check/grease the mechanics?

Is that a big deal?


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Don't feel bad, no one else thought of it either. (Ha)


Had a similar problem, had to push the seat button every time I went to drive the car. Turned out the wifepo was changing the seat when she drove (we also don't lock in it end the garage). So it was squishing-up to the steering wheel after I put the key in.

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