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You know it was going to happen!


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Yeah, was washing the edge today, discoveerd wife curbed right rear wheel. Of course she is oblivious! Called wheel revivers an hour ago,coming out tomarrow to fix. 175.00 to fix which I think is reasonable because they come to you and they responding in less then 24 hours:banghead:....

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They're Forged, Polished, AND Clear Coated. Actually I found this out, because one of my rims was NOT clear coated! I showed it to the dealer, showing him that I was able to polish it using Blue Magic Metal Polish and they replaced the wheel. All the rest are clear coated. How this escaped out from the manufacturer this way is anyones guess. Someone said it might have been grabbed for QC check before clear coat and them dumped into inventory later?

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Were these the chrome clad wheels? I didn't know they could be fixed! My wife curbed the first one, and then yesterday I did the second...ugh.



Sorry chrome can't be repaired like painted or polished...you will have to have the whole wheel re chromed:banghead:

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Forged, really, good to know, that's why they are so expensive. There should be a huge weight savings then, anyone know:shades: how much???



Actually, the size makes for a weight spending (opposite of savings? :lol). Or should I say weight increase, in this case. Apples to Apples, if you have a cast rim this size, it would no doubt be heavier due to the extra material needed for the same strength. The location of the weight in a Forged rim CAN BE more beneficial as well, as the weight can be kept towards the center of rotation, which reduces rotational inertia. Who really knows if Ford took advantage of that during wheel design.


The serviceability and the durability of the forged rims is really the most attractive part IMHO.


But its true that unsprung weight on the Sport's rims is much higher than other trims and the specialized suspension bits are a testament to that. That's the main reason the Limited has a better 0-60 than the Sport although losing on power and gear ratio.

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Is Ford serious? $1,100 for ONE try these guys, they are in Aurora


http://www.carcone.com/ http://carconeswheelrefinishing.com/


Thanks for the referral but they were useless! and I would NOT recommend them to anyone!!! :censored:


My Story:


I found a place in Ottawa that said they could repair my rim but told me to try Carcones first as they are closer (3 hour drive away). I called them and spoke to Russ, I explained that I own a 2011 Ford Edge sport with a 22" rashed rim that needs to be repaired. I asked if that is something they can fix, he said they can fix it but he would need to see it in person first. I also mentioned that I had pictures and could email them to him but again he said he would have to view it in person.


When I arrived I met with Russ and as soon as I pulled back the plastic bag that was covering my tire and rim he said "No im sorry but I cant fix it because its ANODIZED". I asked him what that ment and he said " its a type of finish on the rim and they wont attempt to fix it. Keep in mind he has not even seen my damage that needs to be fixed. Before I left I asked him if he knows of anyone that can fix this and he said no, sorry. :censored:


I called the shop in Ottawa that referred me to this crappy place and told them what Russ had said about my rim being ANODIZED. They said it cant be ANODIZED because its a polished rim. He said he would call Russ to find out what he is talking about. When I received a call back from my guy in Ottawa he said Russ didnt remember me at first but then told him that they dont have machines big enough to work on a 22" rims!!!!!!. NOTHING ABOUT IT BEING ANODIZED!!!


Russ/Carcones was a complete waist of my time, he has no idea what he is doing. Learn from my mistake! :stop:


Bottom line, I pick up my repaired rim next week from Ottawa. I will post before and after pictures.

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