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CAI 2011 3.5 Edge


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Cold Air Intake.


Lots of tuners use them cause they think they add mega HP along with big wings on their cars.


I want one for the better intake breathing.


I just wanted to get info from owners and see them installed before I went out to replace my Air Filter with a K+N.

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Anybody use a CAI for a 2011 3.5 Edge?



I'm not sure if anyone makes an aftermarket system. But the stock system is a Cold Air type. It maybe all conjecture here, but I think that improvements to the system will be in the area of flow increases instead of charge air temp reductions.


Personally, I'm going to run a good cotton oiled air filter (K&N most likely) and possibly changing the accordion piping to a polished AL pipe, but that's about it on the intake.


EDIT: took too long to post and just saw yours above this reply :lol:

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I've had good luck with them in the past on several Mustangs that I owned. Combined with a tune and freeer flowing exhaust they can make a difference. Basically the CAI is more about freeer flowing intake track and the tune increases timing and other engine variables. I'm not sure it would be worth it on the Edge as it is a V6 (that's actually quite peppy in stock trim) and I like the quiet in this kind of ride. I had a CAI/Tune/Magnaflow exhaust on an F-150 and while it did help the performace a bit, the added drone of the intake/exhaust were not worth the marginal increase in performace.


I finally removed the CAI and exhaust just to quiet down the truck again....just my .02....

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