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  1. born2gogolf

    Change color of TEXT on Illuminated door sills.

    Where did you purchase the replacement LED from? Think you said it was a 3mm size in your video. Thanks
  2. born2gogolf

    Weathertech front and rear floor mats - black

    May be interested in these. Could you please send pics. Thanks! Hank
  3. born2gogolf

    Cleaning entire engine bay+valve covers

  4. Charles just go pick up a new USB flash drive either 4 GB or 8 GB depending on how much memory the update requires and you should have no problems transferring it from the computer onto your vehicle. They do not cost much and can be used down the road for simple memory solutions such as this. No use trying to dilly dally with external hard drives and figuring out why it didn't work. Just my 2 cents worth of advice.
  5. You can use any USB flash drive to download the update from your computer onto the drive and then plug it into your vehicle for downloading. Just need to make sure the drive is empty and has enough storage space for the download. Easy peasy.
  6. born2gogolf

    2013 3.5L AWD engine oil capacity

    Have the same engine.....2013 SEL AWD 3.5L and it took 6 qts. with an oil filter change. Right on the top mark for the dipstick. If you don't let all of the oil drain out then it will of course take less. I do my own changes and get under the vehicle and rock it back and forth to get as much old oil out as I can. Once you've drained and put your oil plug back in and started adding new oil it's all over at that point. Doesn't matter if it takes 5 or 5.5. or 6 quarts to get to the top mark on the dipstick. Once it's there you're all done. Who cares how much was added? It will take 6 quarts if drained completely with a filter change as per the manual. A good tip is to add some oil to the new filter before installing so it isn't completely dry when starting it back up. Whatever you do make sure NOT to overfill. I keep checking the dipstick after adding the 5th quart to make sure. Took me 6 quarts to get there.
  7. born2gogolf

    Fuse Block - Positive Terminal Replacement

    The part number for the battery terminal circuit/fuse is #AE5Z14526A
  8. born2gogolf

    Type 1 LED Switchback Turn Signals FS

    Do these need resistors for hyper-flash? Thanks
  9. born2gogolf

    front apron splash shields

    What purpose does adding the extension serve? Thanks!
  10. born2gogolf

    All Weather Floor Liners (mats) for Edge

    Thanks Kona but gotta pass since they changed the shape of the holddown on the 2013 to a round receptacle which is different from the 2010/2011
  11. born2gogolf

    All Weather Floor Liners (mats) for Edge

    How much would shipping cost to 48127? TIA
  12. born2gogolf

    Floor mats

    Nifty 783016-B Catch-It Black Carpet Rear Seat Floor Mat for Ford Edge http://www.amazon.com/Nifty-783016-B-Catch-It-Black-Carpet/dp/B00445NBB2/ref=au_as_r?ie=UTF8&Make=Ford%7C54&Model=Edge%7C5858&Year=2013%7C2013&carId=001&n=15684181&newCar=1&s=automotive&vehicleType=automotive
  13. Interested in Nifty mats. Shipped price to 48127? Thanks!