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  1. Ozimandius

    PTU Replacement

    They're not doing shit for Middle East customers either. The AD here are scumbags and have a monopoly, there's only one authorised dealer for the whole country.
  2. Ozimandius

    Blind spot mirror

    What's the part number for this? I'm looking to do the same for my '09 MKX.
  3. I brought this up with them and they said it's not for life, since they recommend changing the PTU fluid every 20,000 kms and said it's mentioned in the Service Booklet.
  4. Was told that my PTU won't be changed despite sludge formation as it wasn't serviced at Al Tayer. They changed the fluid, but the seals still have a slight leak, so they offered an overhaul that would cost me around USD 600. When I gave it to them in 2017 for the same replacement under the recall, they said they couldn't do it since there were no issues with the PTU. Really odd, but definitely my last Ford.
  5. I have the exact same problem with my 2009 Lincoln MKX. I'm the 4th owner, and the 2 owners before me didn't service it at Al Tayer, but at other, 3rd party garages. I did the same, until in 2017, I gave it to Al Tayer for the 150,000 kms service and asked if the PTU would be replaced, I was told no, because: "The PTU sludging typically produces the similar symptoms I mentioned about the mountings and the reasons for not replacing the power take off unit are: no visual leak on the casing and seal areas and no sludge formation on the fluid. It is recommended to replace the PTU oil every 1 year or 20,000 km interval for units that contains drain plug; if there’s no drain plug, the PTU oil is not required to replace at all. To be more accurate as I made a mistake on providing you the warranty coverage for the PTU (I counted wrongly starting from year 2008), Ford Motors Co has provided extended warranty coverage for your Lincoln MKX’s PTU until 16 January 2019 whichever comes first of 190,000 km whenever the said symptoms arises." So before and after this, I've been going to my trusted garage until Al Tayer had a Winter Promotion where they'd perform a lube service for AED 199, but AED 240 for the Lincoln MKX. I gave it to them and asked them to a major service instead (spark plugs, all fluids, etc. including replacing the PTU fluid). I asked them to replace the PTU and they said no (same Service Advisor as 2017), as the recall is only valid if I regularly maintain the car with them.
  6. Ozimandius


    Hi Nabeel, Did you manage to resolve this issue? I've got the same problem with my Lincoln MKX '09. 3 weeks ago the A/C started to loose its gas and two weeks ago I could smell a strong chemical-like smell (not mold) emanating from the vents. I've given it in to a third party garage (close to your place) and they reckon it's the evaporator that's leaking but they'll have to pull the whole dashboard to really find out the exact cause.
  7. Thanks, I'll look for these. I already bought the two I showed in the photo since they cost 1 USD each so I'll use them in my other cars.
  8. Guys, I found these in the Carrefour here (I'm there right now but can't figure out which model to buy since they're two different sizes) Suggestions? http://rs578.pbsrc.com/albums/ss223/Ozzylogic/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20150205_125135_zps91c54261.jpg~320x480?t=1423040288
  9. Thanks guys. Yes, it's definitely a cigarette plug since the actual lighter is always in my glovebox (don't smoke, no one in my car is allowed to either). Thanks for the link too. I'll do a DIY if I can find that fuse.
  10. Hi All, While inflating the tyres of my MKX 2009, I blew the fuse of the cigarette lighter plug in the dashboard (photo below). Where is the fuse located exactly and what's the replacement model/specs? The digital tyre compressor is working fine in the other outlets. Cheers.
  11. Ozimandius

    Interior door handle trim?

    I'm in the same boat and it doesn't make sense to spend USD 55 on an interior door handle which is basically plastic coated with chrome! I'm thinking of trying a carbon fibre wrap or a DIY chrome wrap. Has anyone tried any of these yet? Here's what mine looks like currently, and the rear left passenger's handle is bubbling.
  12. Ozimandius

    What did you guys pay for your Edge's

    MKX 2009 AWD Limited with the DVD entertainment system but no GPS and the rear seats are standard (not heated) but it does have the custom ambient lighting option. Bought it last month when it had 114,000 kms on the clock for around USD 15000.
  13. I'm looking to change the brakepads but I haven't received any responses for my query in a thread regarding brakepads yesterday. Just need to decide between: Centric 105.1258 Posi-Quiet Ceramic Brake Pad with Shims - USD 45.67 Centric 105.1259 Posi-Quiet Ceramic Brake Pad with Shims - USD 31.47 Akebono ACT1259 ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set - USD 64.30 Akebono ACT1258 ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set - USD 65.31
  14. Ozimandius

    Any aftermarket brake pads?

    Thought of reviving this thread instead of creating a new one as I'm facing the same dilemma. I need to order brakepads for my Lincoln MKX 2009 as the stopping power sucks. However, I can only order from Amazon.com, as long as Amazon.com are the ones selling it and not some third party vendor. Therefore, I've narrowed it down to either the Centrics or Akebono: Centric 105.1258 Posi-Quiet Ceramic Brake Pad with Shims - USD 45.67 Centric 105.1259 Posi-Quiet Ceramic Brake Pad with Shims - USD 31.47 Akebono ACT1259 ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set - USD 64.30 Akebono ACT1258 ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set - USD 65.31 Which model is better with the best bang for buck? I'm open to other brands/models too. Cheers.
  15. Bump! I have a 2009 MKX with 114,000 kms on the clock and my front seats don't cool or heat up adequately. The previous owner skipped the last seat air filter replacement so I'm assuming mine is dirty too?