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  1. An interesting read and video, thank you all for the info! Watching the video there is only one wire burnt, the ground. On our 2017 Edge there is actually 2 wires side by side (2nd occupies the empty slot on video) that are burnt. Both the same color. I am assuming they are both grounds, perhaps an attempt to upgrade a known issue at Ford? Neither seats work in our car, heat or cool. Fuse is good. Is the burnt connector the real issue? Not having good contact now?
  2. Headlight revolution. Good bulbs. Good YouTube reviews. Search it.
  3. YouTube search headlight revolutions. Good reviews based on facts not it looks bright so must be better bs. I bought from them after a drive in my wife's edge on a rainy night. That was the worst headlight experience I've ever had. Replaced with gtr ultras, big difference and much safer. You get what you pay for. Lifetime warranty.
  4. I replaced all my headlights highs and lows with GTR LEDs. No problems very happy, perfect cut off. Not cheap but worth it.
  5. nlitend1

    What happened to the site?

    I will admit a bit of panic came over me. I don't post a lot, but do read most posts. I searched for another Edge forum and it had almost zero activity. I wish this one had more traffic as well. Can catch up pretty quick.
  6. nlitend1

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Huge upgrade from the 14 to 17. Biggest gripe leg room for driver seems less than the 14. Maybe it's just me. Overall we had no issues with the 14 and like the 17 even more.
  7. Are your seat fans noisy? These ones in our 17 Titanium are way loud. Cant hear the ones in our 17 F150 Lariat. Is this normal for the Edge. We just got it in November after the 14 Edge was written off.
  8. nlitend1

    My temp button on a 2014

    Thanks for the responses!
  9. Does your button light when a activatived like the opposite dual button does. I thought it did but doesnt now. Perhaps I was mistaken.
  10. nlitend1

    My temp button on a 2014

    I guess I own the only Edge with a my temp button. Must be a rare collector!
  11. The end of the vid with you driving the same road with both lights was... eye opening! Good job.
  12. My point is there should not even be an option for better performing lights. They should be standard. And I am not adding $2000 lights to my leased truck.
  13. The 2014 Sport is noteven close to the 15-16. In fact the 3.5 sel with 18"rims is the quickest 0-60 for the 2014 era. My lights in my 15 F150 suck too. To get the Led upgrade you have to opt for Lariat anf the 502pkg to boot. 15000 bucks for that upgrade over my Xlt with every option avail. Thanks Ford. Edge projectors are better so you can imagine how horrid the trucks light output is.
  14. Have you test on a wet dark road? What is the real world review? I have yet to see much on these, but very interested.
  15. Is it possible to have the white led markers always on full bright, not dimmed or off subject to light switch/sensor? And not really keen on the signals there and may want to eliminate that as they look to aftermarket for my taste.
  16. We tried to change the factory pin on the touch screen but it wont even recognize the factory pin. It does nothing. The factory pin does work in the pad to unlock the doors. I have a 2015 f150 and it works just as it should. Do you have to change it at the pad like the older fords?
  17. The pad works fine and I added our pin there, but it still does not allow to be changed at mft. Weird. Works in my truck just fine.
  18. How about a quick video for the rear lights? Did you do the licplate as well?