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  1. Hello everyone! I've started having some fun with Forscan on both my '11 Edge Limited and '13 Lincoln MKX. There are some things I wonder if I can change using FORScan. On the Edge: Disable door ajar warning for the driver side rather than do any physical modifications or costly repair I installed switchbacks on the front turn signals, is there a way to have them always come on (solid white) when the headlights are off but the knob is on auto? Seeing how I deliver packages for Amazon, is there a way for the doors to auto lock after I close the door to make a delivery? On the MKX: If possible, allow fog lights to function as DRL's On both: Is there a way to force Sync 2 to auto start on the Navigation screen? On our previous Sync 1 MKS it had the split view with the map always on the left side of the screen. Is there a way to default to Bluetooth rather than default to AM/FM radio? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Navigation Upgrade

    Iphone and Mac user here as well! I will be repacking my backup camera soon so I did some research about a couple weeks ago in this. Once I buy the camera I will also be buying this scanner: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B06XJL31Z7#Ask I will be using the FORScan app for iPhone in conjunction with the scanner above. http://itunes.com/apps/FORScanLite The scanner is actually a variation of one of the links posted previously but instead of Bluetooth, its Wifi.
  3. Okay, good to know. Update*** Checked my wife's '13 MKX and indeed it has the HBI version HID's. So I can confirm they are better than the original but the color temp is about the same.
  4. I see. Well I guess Ill have to think about it. The White Vision is a bit more expensive than the CBI.
  5. Yes, Ive checked out their offerings except it did not show me that as an option when i selected my vehicle. Only the Osram and Morimoto branded D3S are shown. Im going to give the Osram CBI a chance. Hopefully they add more light output than the replacement D3S bulbs from Dan.
  6. Yes, I read that thread. Just like the look of the smaller mirrors. Again, I might just purchase, if available, a set that has the blind spot mirror (Not BLIS) to get the look I want.
  7. I do have the 66340 installed. Did you notice if the color temperature was the same on the HIB as it is on the regular? I since purchased and installed some 6000K D3S replacement bulbs (Not HID Kits) from Dan over at Drive Bright and they have a much better color temp. but the light output isn't the greatest.
  8. After checking options available from TRS, looks like I don't get any aftermarket HID kits available. Only thing I see that I can get (other than LED interior lights and turn signals, etc.) is the D3S Osram Xenarc 66340 CBI bulbs. Has anyone tried these out in a '11-14 Edge or '11-15 MKX? If so, do they have a good light output? Im sure they are brighter than stock. I also checked and see that I have Osram Xenarc 66340 (Non CBI) currently installed. https://www.theretrofitsource.com/d3s-osram-xenarc-66340-cbi-49680.html?carDisplay=2011+Ford+Edge+%28HID+Equipped%29&preselect=&preselect_restrict=1
  9. ***UPDATE*** As much as I would have liked some input from anyone, I decided to take apart the driver side mirror from my wife's '13 MKX (which has BLIS, Puddle light and turn signal) and swap it with my Edge. The connection is the same but I did notice the MKX had more pins than mine. After making the connection, the puddle light came on but after trying the turn signal, nothing happened. Oh well, looks like I'm stuck with these side mirrors! Unless I just purchase a newer style to take advantage of the smaller footprint look.
  10. Hey there! My 2011 Edge Limited came with factory installed HID lighting with D3S bulbs. As many have noticed, the light output and color temperature is really lacking. I believe its 4300K. What do you recommend? Get an aftermarket HID kit or just purchase a replacement D3S bulb at 5000K or 6000K?
  11. Okay, so Ive tried digging around the forum and saw something similar but not exactly what I need. I purchased a 2011 Edge Limited earlier this year and quickly noticed that there were other similar (2011-2014) Edge's with different side mirrors installed. My Edge currently has the "bigger" side mirrors with the blind spot mirrors and heated functionality. My question is...Can I swap the side mirrors from my Edge with the newer side mirrors with turn signals (less BLIS) and heated functionality? Thanks in advance! Also, just traded in my wife's '12 MKS w/Ecoboost (Sadly) for a 2013 MKS and hers has the mirrors I want (Expect I don't need the BLIS feature) and that has made me want the mirrors on my Edge even more!
  12. Well actually my local dealer just told me it was going to be $60.00 per 1/2 hour of labor and they said it would take about an hour so that is why they quoted me $120.00 for updating the system. I don't know, I'll have to take it in anyway because the backup camera is not working properly. (Which I've read its an expensive fix as well...)
  13. I PM'd FordIVTeam. Hopefully they can help.
  14. I dont think you get my situation. I am currently on v3.0.2 (12023). My System Info says A3 for maps but there is no SD card in the slot. Came like that when I purchased it this weekend. I am trying to update from v3.0.2 (12023) to v3.8 (15128). I go online and it says that I am up to date when I know I am not. That is why I am asking if I could somehow get the update as a direct download so that I can upload it to my USB stick and try it manually myself. Im trying to do this so that I can purchase the A7 map update SD card but it says I need to update my system first before I can purchase the SD card.
  15. Im confused. So I need a new A4 SD card to update my system to v3.8 (15128)? I thought i just needed the direct download and a USB drive? I saw someone else on this thread accomplished that.