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    Front License Plate Frame

    I drilled out the rivets on my ST. Then got some black plastic plugs from Lowes, $ 1.12 for a package of two and a paint touch up pen from my Ford dealer for about $ 15. I keep a touch up pen around for stone chips anyway.
  2. The adaptive headlights were not mentioned on my window sticker either but they are part of the 401A package if you got that you should have them.
  3. gthims


    Engineering has finally fixed it !
  4. gthims


    I took my ST in yesterday for Headlight Control Module Reprograming 19B11 Mine was built 11/18 and the adaptive headlights have never worked till now. The headlights now move when the vehicle is started, I noticed they did not move together like they do on my wife's Lincoln, but they do move. No road test yet.
  5. gthims

    Edge ST MPG

    Mine was off about the same amount, but after reading an earlier post from omar302 on 4/19 I reset my AFE to 920 and now the ST agrees very close to Fuelly on each refuel. Mine also has been averaging about 20 mpg on regular fuel 19.2 to 20.5 and I am currently at 3,246 miles. I did try premium on two tanks early on but did not notice any difference.
  6. My ST was built on 11/7/2018 and has Maps Version NA 1 17
  7. gthims

    Flat tire with 1900 miles on my ST

    You are lucky you had a spare tire. My St did not come with one, it only has a tire pump with some fix a flat stuff in it. A big gash as you said you had would put mine on a flatbed truck until another wheel was acquired.
  8. gthims

    reset oil

    On mine I need to press and HOLD the OK until it says reset successful and displays 100% oil life remaining
  9. I have it on my Edge ST. It does the same when you change the volume.
  10. Since it was posted publicly on their website I will. The MSRP was $51,630 and the online price was $43,946 after a $5639 instant discount and the Ford $2045 discount. When searching other local dealerships, within 100 miles, none came even close to that offer.
  11. Hi, I'm a new Edge ST owner with 543 miles on it so far. I had originally ordered a Titanium on July 15 which was built on Nov 7 but still has not arrived at the dealership. I regularly checked the dealer's website and saw that they had a blue ST 401A with break package listed at a tremendous discount so I went over and cancelled the Titanium and bought the ST. My first impression was the steering was very tight and quick and the ride was ridged. When I got it home and started checking everything I noticed the sunshade did not open correctly so the next day I went back to the dealership, after inspecting it they said that the track on one side was defective and they would need two days to replace it due to needing to remove the headliner to get to it. When the part came in I dropped it off then on the second day I called to see if it would be ready before the end of the day and they said NO the wrong part was delivered but the correct part should be here today. On the third day they called me and asked if I could wait another week because they were backed up with out of state work with people that came to Florida for the holiday and there cars were down. So I said OK and now am waiting to get it back in to have that repair done. The other thing I noticed is that the lane assist bias is not equal. It works very good on the right side but the left or centerline of he road is very poor, many times it will go from green to yellow to red as it crosses the line with no pull back into your lane. My wife had a 2013 MKZ and now a 2016 MKZ both with lane assist so I know how it should react. MPG so far has been staying between 23 & 24 which I am pleased with considering the advertised horsepower. This vehicle was meant to replace my 2008 Escape limited with 1/4 million trouble free miles on it. But due to the mileage and without even looking at it they said it would only bring about $500 for trade in, so I decided to keep it for the dirty or tough jobs that I don't want to do with the new one or when I need to carry something long since the ST does not have an opening rear glass or even roof racks due to the damn panoramic vista sunroof. Overall I think I will like the vehicle but this is just my first impression in the first 543 miles.
  12. gthims

    2019 Edge ST 1200 mile review

    Very nice review Five months ago I had ordered a Titanium but with it still not at the dealer and them having a blue Edge ST 401A with brake package sitting on the lot with a tremendous discount listed I cancelled the Titanium and bought the ST. I'm still on the dealers tank of fuel but will give my opinion on it after a couple of thousand miles.
  13. gthims

    2019 Edge ST Finally got a build date

    I ordered my Edge Titanium on 7/15 and at last check its due to be built on 10/23 with a ETA of 11/19.
  14. gthims

    2019 Edge ST Update

    And you can have the interior any color you want as long as its black
  15. gthims

    Almost New Edge Owner

    Hi I ordered my 2019 Edge Titanium back in June and expect to be an Edge owner around November 11.