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Since I owned a 2008 previously, this is what I did:


a) Made sure that the ballasts were 100% digital. Non-digital ballasts had issues with flickering.

B) Went with a color temperature no higher than 6000k. If you did that, you were reducing light output unless you went with a 55w system. The higher wattage systems do require a relay harness.

c) I actually went with a 35w system for both high and low beams due to the extremely dark roads we have here.


I never had a check engine light nor any problems with the vehicle after installation.

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A few more things:


a) 35 watt systems are just plug and play. No special harnesses needed.

B) To clarify the 6000k comment, HID output is measured in lumens and the K values are color temperatures. Any HID kit is going to be brightest between 4000-6000k. My 6000K kit was 2800 lumens. The 5000K I currently have is 3200 lumens. Bear in mind, those values are with 35w kits. 55w kits are going to be higher but, again, you will need the harness.

c) The kits commonly used here are DDM or Morimoto (via TRS (The Retrofit Source)). I went with a totally different vendor for both kits.

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What kit are you using? Did you make any alterations to wiring? Is your headlight switch in the AUTO position or do you turn the lights on manually?


For example, I expect the behavior you have described when it is dusk and you remotely unlock the doors. At that time the headlights and rear lights will come on and stay on for a predetermined interval.

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