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Problem removing tail lights


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So I tried to remove my 2012 tail lights last night to get at the bulbs. I did a quick search to see how they are removed. I removed the screws and then tried to pull them straight out as the videos showed. I got the top stud to release but the bottom one is more like a barb and will NOT let go. I pulled as hard as I could while wiggling the light around and could not get it. I even used a putty knife behind the light to give it pressure as I pulled and still nothing.


Why would Ford make it so hard to get these lights out? I am afraid of scratching up the paint just trying to get the lights out. Anyone have any special way of getting these things out?




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I finally got it off today. I just could not get it loose with my hands only. It didn't matter how hard I pulled the bottom would not come loose. I used a body panel removal tool to insert between the housing and body and pulled it towards the rear of the car. The bottom finally popped out with no damage to the housing or paint. I do have a couple of scratches below the light from all the wiggling around that I will need to touch up. As suggested, I did put a little grease on the pegs so it will be easier to get off next time.



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Chipworkz is on the right track. However, a customer of mine gave me a nice method he discovered when he was replacing his stock tails with my new LED tails. He used a piece of wood 2X4 and cut it into a wedge shape. He then covered it with a piece of cloth. He stuck the point of the wedge into the gap between the lens and the body and twisted. He moved the wedge up and down the forward edge of the tail like Chipworkz shows and it easily works loose. With it being made of wood, the chances of scratching the lens is mitigated.

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