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2015 Ford Edge First Look Review


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Looks great "in person"! Like the interior handles & the hood struts. Could've washed the wheels for this presentation :) Still severely dislike the Escape-ish taillights.


The tail light is similar but not enough to me to mistake the Escape for the 2015 Edge, and the Edge has the light bar to differentiate itself.

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I added the aftermarket hood struts to my 2013 Edge and love them! No more scratching the paint under the hood if I miss the reciever with the prop rod the first time, no more having the prop rod in the way when I am working under the hood, and no more hooding the hood up if I am just looking things over under the hood for a minute.

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Did someone put a ford logo on that Santa Fe? lol so Fugly, should've just improved on the previous model which looks much nicer.

The 2015 Edge will not appeal to everyone, but I'll take the 2015 Ford Sport Edge with the below new features any day over your 2011-2004 Edge Sport. The 2006-2014 Edge is riding on a platform from 2006, and Ford wanted to start from scratch and not use the 2006-2014 platform. The interior material will be much better in the 2015 Ege with soft touch material on the door panels instead of a hard plastic in the current generation. You will get more interior capacity, and for around the same price of the current model.



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