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Easiest way to access the brake booster vacuum hose?


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Ive always been a user of the infamous SeaFoam, so with my Edge over 100k miles, id like to give her a treatment. Already got some in the crankcase, some in the gas tank a few tanks ago, and now id like to get it through a vacuum line. I read some people do it through the PCV valve, but on the Edge, we have to replace the valve if its removed, so I don't want todo that right now.

The brake booster sure is hiding on this thing, I know where it is, and can see it, but it seems like the battery, and/or air intake is gonna have to come off to reach it, which seems like more work than its worth, because that'll need to be put back on to start it, then taken back off to reconnect the hose, then put back on again.


Has anyone SeaFoamed their Edge before? If I can get some advice on where to get it in, id make a quick little how-to video for the YouTubers.

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I really think the seafoam thing is more a gimmick than helping. Just pour it in the tank and drive it. Especially when you plan on taking a long drive. Very limited results from most video's I have seen. You could also start using a top tier gas to alieve and help clean your engine. Less work and gives you more time to enjoy other things.

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Keep a close oil on the engine oil, when it starts looking dirty, change it. Don't want all the filth circulating in the engine unnecessarily.



And if the plugs are anywhere near end of life, they should be changed out as well.

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I use SeaFoam in my Gen 1 VMAX motorcycle which is notorious for clogging carbs low speed idle circuits. I've cleaned them by removal and disassembly once, and with SeaFoam I'm definitely able to avoid this procedure.

SeaFoam... swear by it for this application.

It must be doing something in the fuel used in my Edge. I keep a close eye on my petrol consumption and after using a bottle on a fill up, I notice a slight improvement in consumption.

If you're really concerned about keeping your motor clean, use top grade fuel and avoid the methanol doped petrol.


That's just my opinion.

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hi, I cannot understand whether it is dangerous such procedure and whether it makes sense? But here what is written here https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/Discussion-c9095_ds501727 and http://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/888305-seafoam-questions.html and http://www.focusfanatics.com/forum/general-technical-chat/258745-how-use-seafoam-motor-treatment.html , says that it reduces a gasoline consumption. Your opinion on it. It is applicable?!

Here my subject about a gasoline consumption on my Ford EDGE 2008 AWD http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/15255-fuel-consumption-1258-mpg-in-the-city-on-awd-2008-your-thoughts/ , after replacement of Ford Formula 5w30 oil by Fuchs 5w20, my consumption of gasoline it was cut approximately on two liters and now in the city it is 17.2 liters, but nevertheless it is a lot of in comparison with others?! In plans to try PetroCanada 0w-20 oil for now I want to understand what effect of means of seafoam?


P.s.: In the instruction to this means it is told that after procedure of cleaning it is necessary to replace the oil and fuel filter, but we have a lifelong fuel filter! What to do with replacement of the fuel filter? People who did it, tell please!

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Just dump the seafoam in the gas tank and drive. You are doing a whole lot of nothing with this stuff. Buy good gas. Mileage in town will be low as the Edge does not do well in city driving 16-18 mpg for the 3.5L.

thanks for your answer. I am afraid to be mistaken in interpretation of your recommendation, but how I have understood you you recommend this means?)! as

using this means it is possible to make a lot of useful work without removing and without sorting many parts? I have correctly understood you? After this procedure with SF, my consumption of gasoline in the city shall decrease? I correctly understand?)


p.s.: also interests me what you think of replacement of the fuel filter, it is usually recommended to replace after cleaning of nozzles when SF pour into a tank? How it will be in our case, we have a lifelong fuel filter?

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