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mpg change from 19.2 to 14.2

Jim Fisher Olbricht

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i just got my water pump replaced on saturday they also replaced the timing chain and the belts and spark plugs and did an oil change.


i dropped my truck off and it was running about 19.2 mpg and when i got it back it is now running at 14.2 mpg anyone have an idea what it could be it seems to running a little ruff but not to horrible

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How many miles on your Edge? Any loss in power? If they unhooked the battery, the PCM has to go through a re-learn process. They may have run the engine in place, using up fuel without adding miles. Hopefully they didn't make a rookie mistake like having the chain a tooth or two off, that would make it noticeably rough. Also, do you reset your mpg counter every fillup or is it a continuous measure?

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If you have put 100 miles or so on the Edge, the PCM should have re-learned by now. I'd pull codes first (Advance Auto/Autozone/etc), and then even if nothing is stored, take it back to the service shop.E


EDIT: It's a faint possibility but the oil they put in may not be the right type and/or weight. At least one instance on this forum that I know of where it caused a serious drop in mpg. So another oil change just might be the ticket for you as well. Even dealers don't necessarily put in Motorcraft 5W20 SynBlend or whatever is specified for your Edge.

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Hi Jim,

The garage most likely ran the engine quite a while after repair. That will bring your average down quick. How did you discover the water pump was bad? If you don't mind, could you tell us how much the work cost. Water pump, timing chain etc.




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it costed me 1900.00 to get the water pump done as well as the timing chain and oil change and the belts replaced and plugs changed .....i was just going into get the truck checked out then we seen the over flow empty and antifreeze driping on the ground so .....so had no choice but to fix it.......12 1/2 hours of labor for the water pump so replaced the timing chain since they were in there anyways

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