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2016 Edge order date


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Hi everyone,

I'm a new to this forum, but already own a 2013 Edge SEL AWD.

I finally got some new information on the 2016 Edge straight from the horse's mouth aka Ford.

My local dealer has the order books now for the 2016 Edge. Ford also told me the new Edges wont start showing up until after December 12, 2015. Coincidentally, this is the "official" debut for the Edge at the Ford dealers.

There will be three new colors, Shadow black, Kona Blue and, get this one, "To Good To Be Blue". I Googled this color and it is actually Allure Blue which is a Lincoln color. Very nice color. I'm glad they finally shelved Tuxedo Black. It just had too many different color specks in the metallic. Also same goes for Deep Impact Blue, which was a bit bright. Kona Blue leans more towards Navy Blue. Both the Sport and the Titanium will dress in these new colors. The Sport may be a real "looker" in "Too Good To Be True".

Also, a first for Ford is the "Adaptive Steering" which is seen on the likes of BMW and Audi. Take that GM!

The only regret is that the Sport doesn't come with a tow package. I guess I'll just have to borrow my Son-in-laws Explorer Sport if I need to tow.

As soon as I can get to my dealer, I'm going to spec out a Sport in "Too Good To Be True" aka Allure Blue. If I order now Ford said It won't arrive until sometime in January.

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Welcome to FEF scorpionking0102!


My 2016 Order went in on Oct 31; Kona Blue Titanium.


Too Good ToBe Blue is a classy dark-greyish blue that looks great with the LED accents at night.


Kona is a more candy-shell or sporty blue that has a purple hue in sunlight.


All of the 2016 colour choices look great, and these forums are a great resource to help you learn about the latest generation Edge and what a fair price is, too.

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Speaking in more detail with Ford, the 2016 Edge will make it's debut on 12 December if all goes as planned. Meaning, Ford is only sending a few copies to select dealers for customer scheduled test drives. Although, you can go to your nearest dealer to spec a 2016 Edge now. But, if you are not sure if you'll like any of the new colors, I would suggest waiting. Sometimes, a color doesn't look quite as nice as you pictured when it arrives leaving you scratching your head and asking yourself Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot was I thinking.

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