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2011 missing coolant


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Same here. Adding coolant now and then. Looks like its one inch low now. (65K-2013) Typically I work on my own cars but I'm not sure if I'm down for pulling the timing chains et.al , during my xmas leave to get at the water pump. Local dealer says check out the thermostat housing area for leaks, as he's had a couple of those on Edge's. Unfortunately when I checked mine last night with a bright LED light there were no leaks. Just follow the coolant hose around to the top right of the engine to locate. I had no idea Ford would bury the water pump - basically inside the engine. This may be expensive before its all over with. But I cant have a fairly expensive car self destruct on its own without putting a fix on it...

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My 2007 edge 3.5 has 107,000 miles now, I first noticed the coolant level had dropped about a inch or less in the reservoir tank at about 105,000 miles, this is the first time ever, so I added distilled water to bring the level up to normal. so far so good, I have not found any leaks or smelled any coolant either.

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