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Does 20" compared to the 18" Wheels Make for a Smoother Ride?


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We are shopping for a new car. We narrowed our market to a crossover or a minivan (currently own a minivan as grandparent's taxi). This time around, we want better fuel efficiency; we can do with 5 seats as the older girls don't join us as often now.


After several days test driving different makes and models, we enjoyed a *very* smooth comfortable drive with the 2015 Ford Edge Titanium with 20" wheels. I believe that it was a V6. We wanted to see what the ride on a 2.0L ecoboost was like so test drove the SEL (no 2.0L Titanium's in stock). We are very pleased with the power it had, so have decided to go with a 2016 2.0L ecoboost. So here are a couple of questions:


When comparing the ride between that SEL (18" wheels) and the Titanium (20"wheels) where both had leather seats:

-Titanium had a smoother ride (noticeable on rougher road). Is this because the SEL had the smaller wheels?

-Could it be that the Titanium is smoother because it had the V6 vs the SEL with the 2.0L?


Thanks in advance :)



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Check out the profiles of each tire. 18 Vs 20 doesn't necessarily mean one is 2 inches smaller or larger than the other. On the sport the 20's and 21's are the same size overall because the 21 inch tires are an inch less in profile that the 20's so,,, 20 inch with a 5 inch profile equals 25 inches. 21 inch with a 4 inch profile equal 25 inches. Now to your question, just my opinion, the 20's have plenty of side wall for a smooth ride and look a hell of a lot better. Both cars you drove have the same suspension so, which drove better? Get those wheels.

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It's possible the tire pressure wasn't adjusted properly on one or both vehicles you drove. Theoretically everything else being equal the 18s should ride smoother due to the taller sidewall. However Ford has done a good job with tuning so the larger wheels aren't necessarily bad. Test drive a couple more just to be safe.

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