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build date from window sticker


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Researchmechanics.com has a great tool to get your window sticker for free before it shows up on inventory.ford.com (http://www.inventory.ford.com/services/inventory/WindowSticker.pdf?vin=VINGOESHERE).



They state that at the top of the window sticker there is a number starting with a 2 or 1 depending on whether or not the vehicle was built. The rest of the digits indicate the build date or scheduled build date. However, it appears Ford Edge window stickers do not have this information. The date towards the bottom is just the date the window sticker was created and another date shows when it was printed.

here's an example: http://www.inventory.ford.com/services/inventory/WindowSticker.pdf?vin=2FMTK4K89FBC41365


Is there any way to tell the build date from the stickers for the Edge?


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Go to the ETIS site, click Vehicle tab, type in your VIN, learn your build date.

It's still the generic build date (which is apparently updated once the vehicle has actually been built). I know it doesn't matter, but I was hoping to get the build date earlier than ETIS could provide.

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If you have a copy of the window sticker there is a box in the lower center that shows the TOTAL MSRP. several boxes below this is a line that reads similar to this-

FF173 N RB 2X 520 001454 06 17 15. The last series of digits, 06 17 15 represents the day that the job was ordered. My vehicle was built about a week after that date (6/25/2015)

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