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Sync 3 Installed in a 2012 Limited

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You could go aftermarket, but, you may run into firmware and APIM compatibility issues (I.e. guidelines and parking aid guidance indicators).  You may also suffer the upside down image issue.


Im not sure if the wire harness for the OEM camera is actually in the lift gate.  If so, you would have to buy the pigtail in addition to the camera.


I imagine there are ways to go aftermarket, however, those solutions involve a “lockpick” device type integration.

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Can this upgrade be done on 2012 with the smaller screen?  I realize you'd need a new dash panel for HVAC controls, etc.  (Asking for a friend)

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I'm 90% sure we're going to buy a 2013 or 2014 Edge.  It will definitely come with leather and the larger screen so upgrading to Sync 3 should be good.  


Considering buying Ford ESP PremiumCARE on the vehicle.  


I know people have been denied engine repairs because someone put new intakes or exhaust or whatever engine mods, then put them back before service, and get denied for obvious reasons.


But, it seems this mod most likely wouldn't cause a failure or something to not be covered, but it seems like a big risk with this type of warranty.  Could just return things to stock, but...


Has this come up for anyone with this mod?

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Hello everybody! Please help a teammate from Russia. I have Edge 2014, it did not have Sync installed at all, the simplest configuration is; (; (SE). I bought the wiring as it was missing, the dashboard from the Sport version, and Sync 3 with the Sony panel. Everything is installed connected everything works. But I can't configure the Sync 3 - APIM module to work correctly, if I enter the codes that are in this topic, everything starts working but there is no Russian language and navigation is very stupid. Where can I change the country or language packs in the APIM module?



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Hello All..

I'm want to upgrade my Sync 2 radio to Sync 3

In my Edge Sport 2011


My question is which years is better to get the APIM Module..??


2017-2018 ??


I read something about the first version modules around 2016 came with problem and read about some 2019 modules K and L series


Ford has started using the newest "K series" or "L series" APIM modules. K/L series APIM modules have added data blocks for programming that the older 2016-2018 


So the 2019 K or L modules can't been programmed?????


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On 2/14/2018 at 5:29 PM, candurin said:

I have to rehash this thread.


Has anyone that has done this still have all the source options listed under entertainment in the IPC?


Ever since Ive done this, I only have AM/FM, Sirius and CD.


My USB 1, USB 2, BT Stereo are all missing.


For the life of me, I cannot them to display. However, if I plug in my iPod (yeah, I still have one) it displays the songs in the IPC. But, if I then switch to radio or Sirius, its no longer able to be selected from the IPC (it is still not recognized as an attached device).


Hello Candurin, 


by any chance did you find a solution for this..?

i just change to sync 3 in my edge sport 2011 and have the same like you in the IPC , the radio, sirius and cd , did you figured it out how to add the usb and BT stereo??





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