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Congrats on your new Edge. May I ask, what is the "infamous PTU"? I tried a search and nothing came up?

PTU is an acronym for Power Transfer Unit. It sits aft of, and attrached to the transmission. The purpose is to send power to the rear axle. (Power is split between the front and rear axles).


The problem with the unit is, eventually the seals start to leak and the remaining fluid overheats, cooking and loses lubricating properties. The unit then fails.


The best prevention is to change the fluid every 30k. Even though it's a required procedure after the car had been in deep water, many dealers will not do the flush. (My local does, was either $60 or $80, forget.) Some transmission shops will also do a flush. The unit is considered sealed for life, but life of any car is it's original warranty (not forever as some think).


(On older cars, there's no drain plug and thd fluid has to be sucked out using the same equipment used to drain and refill the rear end).


It's "infamous" because so many units have failed and are expensive to replace. Considering all the millions of AWD vehicles on the road, and the number that have actually failed, it's actually a fairly reliable unit.


The dealer found mine started leaking during an oil change. They replaced the unit under extended warranty. (Good reason to purchase the Ford extended warranty).

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Buy the extended warranty if the car is already out of its powertrain warranty.


What I did was to go online and get three quotes from on-line Ford dealers. Took these to my local Ford dealer's comptroller and asked him to match. He did without question and bettered it by offering free deductible (if I service there, otherwise $100 at any other dealer). Think.of it as a safety net in a very complicated world.

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