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2011 3.5 coolant loss HEAD SCRATCHER!


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Hi everyone. Ive searched high and low for help on this. Heres the details hopefully someone can help me.


2011 Ford Edge limited AWD

366,000 Kms. (Second owner)


Edge over heated the other night. I replaced thermostat thinking that was the issue refilled coolant 450 kms later over heat again, down approx 3 literally of coolant.


Checked oil. No coolant in oil. Visually tested and did the crackle test.


No leak visible while vehicle is sitting.


Started Edge up on a set of ramps and approx 2 mins later there was coolant leaking off the Ac compressor. It appears to be wet above the Ac compressor on the block and coming from the areas behind or near alternator...


I cant really see in there to tell where exactly it might be creeping out.


Are there any frost plugs? Cooling connections in that area or am I dealing with a cracked head?


Any help appreciated

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Edge over heated the other night.


In that case, I would do a compression test and let-down test, and while you have the plugs removed for that, check to see if any of them look steam cleaned.


Seldom that cylinder heads, and head gaskets survive an overheating incident.

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Thanks for the replies.


The leak is coming from the lower weep hole located behind the alternator. I was not aware there was two weep holes.

This video shows it exact


As far as the question about the PTU Ive had no issues. This thing runs like a dream and other than tires, and breaks this is the first issue its had.

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Im in the process of looking for an engine due to water pump failure and the massive over heating event that followed. Such a strange design. Ill never understand what Ford was thinking and why they designed it the way they did.


Its nice you actually found out about it ahead of time. I hearing most people don't.

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Same exact symptoms as my 2007 @ 110,000. Many more miles. You were lucky enough to pay attention and have the external weep hole leak first so there was a sign that you had a leak. When to other one goes first it leaks into the oil pan and bye bye engine.$1700 later and all is well. Still much better than buying an engine. :)

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