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2016 3.5 Slams into 2nd gear under light acceleration

ben senise

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i'm going to mention this to the dealer next time i go in for service but i thought i'd mention it here in the mean time.

i have a 2016 Ti 3.5 AWD approaching 28000 km. I have noticed that if i pull away slowly from a stop, keeping a steady, but light, foot on the gas pedal, the shift into second is extremely violent. so much so that it feels and sounds as it's going to break the u-joints. the car bucks. the shift is occurring early on, say 2k rpm.

if i accelerate a bit harder, then the shift is normal.

it feels like the ECU is cutting the gas before the shift and the engine is braking the car when the transmission is shifting gears, hence the bucking and slamming. it's difficult to describe in text. i hope i'm being somewhat clear.

does this happen to anyone else here? i'm thinking that i'm going to get that extended warranty before the factory one is finished!


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Should definitely check out the PTU, some have had issues with it even with low mileage on Gen 2s. Perhaps a PCM calibration update might be available also.


And of course trans fluid color/level/condition check is mandatory.


is checking the PTU something i can do myself or is it dealer/mechanic only?


is the PCM calibration something that changes over time and thus something i can reset?


I recommend doing a video so dealer doesnt waste your time trying to replicate and finds nothing wrong.


good idea. thanks.

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Highly advisable to let the mechanic check out the PTU. If they find debris in the fluid, they will likely replace the unit.


Trans fluid: very DIY.


Calibration update means software update/revised software. So the dealership is the best place to get that done if an update DOES exist.


thanks for the info.

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Update for this issue:


took the edge for service last week and mentioned the problem to the adviser. they couldn't reproduce the problem but they cleared the memory for the shifting. the transmission works perfectly now. smooth as silk. no more slamming.


so in case anyone finds this thread and has a similar problem, try clearing the memory first.


i was told that disconnecting the battery wasn't enough. they have to do it with "the computer." i don't know if this is user doable with forscan though. would be nice if it were.

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i solved my transmission problem. i traded my '16 Ti for a '20 ST. ?


but i noticed something different on forscan when i was making a few mods to the ST. there was a parameter somewhere to clear the memory of something transmission related. i was going to go back and take a closer look but i forgot.


now i don't know if forscan has changed the way it presents info or the info that forscan gets from the car is different but the interface had some differences on the '20 from the '16.


i'll try and have another look when i have a moment but in the mean time, maybe someone with knowledge can comment. it would be great if this would be possible to clear with forscan on older edges.

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