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Need Help with Purge Valve PN 2015 2.0

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I have a 15 Edge with the 2.0. I've got a P1450 code and have traced it down to the evap purge valve under the hood. Problem is, I can't seem to find the PN for the replacement.


Tried the typical online parts sites, many of which show the cannister and valves in the back, but none seem to show this hose / valve under the hood. I went to the dealer, and they gave me BB5Z-9G271-B. This was not the right hose for my vehicle:

-the valve was a different design

-the valve bracket was different (90 degree bend, very short)

-the valve to splitter hose was 90 degrees (mine is fairly straight)

-it came with another T valve built in for 4 total hose connections (mine only has 3)

-hose lengths in front of the splitter had incorrect bends and were nowhere near the right length.


Any idea what the correct PN is? Car is out of warranty, and I don't want to pay to have it fixed as I've already found the problem and just need the part.

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Wow, no idea how you found that number, but thats exactly it. Hours on Google + 2 local dealers and I was at a dead end. Oddly enough, they didn't even want to sell it to me as they said "it's not even for my vehicle".


Thank you very much!!

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Sometimes you have to fall back to parts.ford.com lol. If you have the base number, 9D289 in this case, that makes the task much easier. Base numbers tend to be the same at least for MYs close to the one your vehicle is. IDK if it stretches across decades of MYs tho :)


You can always post the request on the LevittownSuperCenter thread we have on this forum. Benny has always helped out.


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Hi guys I have the exact problem and this part number is what I will replace too. But could you please help me how to reach the 2 tube cables under the engine. I can't get my hand into there. Do you use any special tools or did you have to remove more part to clear out the way. And did it solve your problem after replace this part. Thank you I appreciate it.

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We discovered the challenges of code P1450 just a few weeks ago, with another emissions related code, P2196, and drivability problems. The car would try to stall while in motion, my wife says it makes a groaning noise from the rear, but she could give it more gas to overcome the stall.  The CEL light would come on.

I pulled the code, which according to various sources, is the vapor canister purge valve. Once I located it, looked pretty simple to replace.  However, ours is a 2016 2.0 certified used with just 40k miles, so we gambled that either the powertrain or emissions warranty would cover it, and to it to the dealer.

They did not cover the repair, as it turns out, and we were shocked to face a $700 repair bill for what appeared to be a $35 part. As I learned, Ford no longer replaces just the valve but the valve, check valve, and the four tubes running to the other side of the engine.  Some on this forum have likely experienced the joy of replacing those.

You can find just the valve on eBay by crossing the original valve's Bosch part number, 0280142519, but valve's Ford number shows discontinued in the Ford parts book, and the correct Ford part number for the entire assembly is F2GZ-9D289-A. I could find no aftermarket source.

For do it yourselfers, there are a couple of YouTube videos showing the assembly installed in a Fusion. The Fusion assembly appears to have one fewer connection, however.

Since we are just out of certified bumper-bumper warranty, we are talking with Ford customer relations to get at least part of the cost covered. I would like to understand why Ford no longer replaces just the valve, and why so many vacuum connections?   Also, last year Ford recalled over a million Focus cars over a faulty purge valve. Sounds like they might have a problem with this part.


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