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2013 Ford Edge Engine Stalling in idle speed and showing low engine oil pressure

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Hi guys,

My 2013 ford edge engine stalling in idle speed and showing low engine oil pressure warning, the engine starts normally after turn off the key and restarts. My car has done 10600KM so far, this happened to me several times now. If the Aircondition is in the on state then the engine won't stop, also two or three times I felt an engine shivering during refueling and the engine stalled. There is a slight variation in the RPM in idle speed. Mechanic scanned the ECU but he couldn't identify any issues and said maybe some issues with the oil pump or electrical faults. I couldn't able to leave the car in the service center as they said it may take longer to identify and fix the problem.

Anyone experienced similar issues and know the real reason behind it? Please share.

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