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Ford Edge And Lincoln Nautilus Are Dead After 2023

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Apparently the plant will be converted to all electric and the gasoline powered platform will be discontinued. Ford is developing an electric crossover to replace the Edge and Nautilus. 



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Knew this, and still bought a left over 2021 several weeks ago. Have driven SUVS priced from 30k to 90k and the Edge almost always came back as my favorite, particularly when you factor in price comparisons as the only ones close were $70k-90k (BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar...). Even though my last one was a lemon and caused me a 2 year hiatus,  I had to have one again. I see Edges everywhere, they seem to sell well, so killing it off this early seems to be the same reasoning, just as bad a decision, as when they killed off the Ranger. I wrote Ford and GM about 15 years ago (was driving a Prius) and asked them to come out with a hybrid truck. Look how long it took to make the Maverick. I even suggested the name Maverick to Ford and Montana to GM, go figure.

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